Jesse Williams nude video hangs on the internet, demanding severe reprimand from the actor

Here’s the thing, you guys:

Two things can be true together, you know?

Case in point: Jesse Williams is extremely handsome and many people around the world want to see him naked.

But the recent leak of a video showing Jesse Williams naked will infuriate these same people.

Jesse Williams became serious

On Monday night, footage taken by an audience member appearing on Broadway’s “Take Me Out” appeared on Twitter and quickly spread on the Internet.

Privacy was attacked just hours after a play was nominated for a Williams Tony Award for Best Actor by a prominent actor, prompting the following reaction from Williams:

“It’s a body, once you see it, you’ll know that whatever it is, it’s a boy! I have to make it so big.”

In the production, Williams portrays a gay baseball player who rises to the heights of his success and causes problems because of it.

Jesse Williams for GQ

And when the former Gray’s Anatomy Star tried to stop this leak as a big deal … it actually Is A big deal.

That’s why the Actors’ Equity Association has issued a statement regarding the inappropriate image and video.

“We condemn in the strongest possible terms the making and distribution of photographs and videos of our members during a nude scene,” said Kate Schindel, president of the Actors’ Equity Association, which has 51,000 members.

“As actors, we regularly agree to be weak on stage for telling tough and challenging stories.

“That doesn’t mean we have to share those weak moments with anyone who feels like hiding a recording device in a theater.”

Williams, Jesse

The message stated that the person who portrayed Gray’s Anatomy Alum and other actors on stage did so “without their consent” – and “condemned the audience member for blatantly violating the theater’s ban on recording and distribution.”

It continued as follows:

“In each performance, there is a mutual understanding between the audience and the performers that we are sharing an experience confined to this time and space; that belief makes it possible for us to express ourselves emotionally and physically.”

Starment labeled the act as “both sexual harassment and a gross violation of consent”, concluding:

“It’s a violation that hinders our combined ability to tell stories with courage and boldness.”

Jesse Williams in Gray's Anatomy

Williams left Gray’s Anatomy in May 2021.

“I knew that when I was designing my departure, my next job was to be awesome,” Williams explained to the New York Times in March, adding:

“I have to get out of my comfort zone, I have to go to a very unknown place.”

This new role is certainly worth it.

Jesse Williams is handsome

“I told you to panic,” Williams told Page Six just a few days ago.

“I was told to do something that was scary and challenging and it didn’t make me earn and make me feel alive and comfortable.”

Jesse Tyler Ferguson, who was also Tony-nominated for the same play, also commented on the nude scandal.

“I am shocked at the disrespect shown to our company’s actors, who have weaknesses on stage[y] The night is crucial for me, “he said this week.

“Anyone who praises or despises this behavior has no place in the theater, which is always a safe place for artists and audience members.”

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