Jessica Simpson fits into the bridal-era skirt she wore 20 years ago!

Jessica SimpsonIt’s still there!

The singer originally wore a skirt about 20 years ago – and it looks just as beautiful for the first time !! Last week, a 41-year-old black rocked Gucci Black blazer for skirt, white top, and a Instagram Pictures, and designer skirts have a history!
He captioned the photo:

“The funny thing is – I wore this Gucci skirt to Craig Kilburn at the age of 22 to promote the bride’s first season. (@rachelzoe Remember that?) # 19YearsLater #HOARDER #CANCERIAN “


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Stylist Rachel Joe Since he happily answered:

“OMG yes !!!”

Ch-ch- Check it out!


The actress first wore the piece as a guest With late show Craig Kilburn. At that time she and her then husband Md Nick Lachi They had publicity MTV Doku-series Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica Which lasts for three seasons. They finally filed for divorce in 2005. You can watch a clip from the late night show with the ex couple (below).

It’s hard to say if she wore the right skirt in that clip, but anyway, it still looks amazing to her today !! Feedback ?!

[Image via MEGA/WENN/Nikki Nelson]

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