Jethro Lazenby, the model son of singer Nick Cave, has died 31-7 years later

Singer Nick CaveHer son died.

Jethro Lazenby He was 31 years old when he died tragically this week. According to Australian media reports, the model and actor (pictured above, from Inset, 2018) was living in the Melbourne area and was released from prison just two days before her untimely death.

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Guha confirmed her son’s tragic death in a very brief statement to the media on Monday. According to The sunThe 64-year-old Aussie singer-songwriter says:

“Sadly, I can confirm that my son Jethro is dead. We’re grateful for the privacy of our family at this time. “

What a waste.

Jethro was born Nick Cave and bad seeds Frontman and model Beau Lazenby Returned in 1991. During her modeling and acting career, Jethro starred in films such as 2007 CarroboryAnd 2011’s My little princess.

Sadly, the late model and actor also faced personal problems throughout his life while struggling with his mental health. In April, Jethro was jailed in Melbourne on charges of assaulting his mother. According to The sunProsecutors in the case allege that the late actor “fell to his knees [Beau] During an argument causes bleeding and sores on the face. “

Following his arrest, Jethro confessed to a count of unlawful assaults and court orders. Late last week, Australian media outlets reported that a judge had ordered him released on bail in need of treatment for substance abuse as part of the case. Sadly, two days later, he died.

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This is another tragedy for the cave. Seven years ago, d Murder ballads The singer lost her other son, a 15-year-old Arthur’s Cave, In a terrible accident. In July 2015, Jethro’s teenage half-brother died after falling more than 60 feet from a hill in the Melbourne area. An investigation later revealed that Arthur had taken the hallucinogenic drug LSD before his death.

After Arthur’s death, Cave and his wife — Arthur’s mother, Susie – Moved to Los Angeles. They later returned to Australia, and then moved to London, to start anew after the horrific 2015 tragedy. Now, in addition to his grieving parents, Jethro is survived by his two honest brothers – EarlWho are Arthur’s twins – and Look.

Losing a child is very difficult. Two times in seven years is unimaginable. So heartbreaking, and something you can never prepare for. After this horrific tragedy our hearts go out to the rest of Cave, Lazenby and Jethro’s family, friends and loved ones.


[Image via WENN/Avalon]

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