Jill Dugar has accused her father, Jim Bob, of “verbally abusing” her

It’s no secret Jill Duggar He had a troubled relationship with his parents over the years, but it turns out that there was much more to the story about what caused the rift.

As you may recall, a police report was leaked to the public in 2015 stating that his father, Jim Bob DugerAdmitted to law enforcement that his eldest son Josh Duggar Five young women were molested while they were sleeping in their family home. Her younger sister Jill and Like Later those two came forward as victims. The two women, along with their other sisters, Ginger And Joy-Anna, Then sued Springdale City and the police department for privacy attacks, saying the published records caused “extreme mental anguish and mental anguish.” However, the case was later dismissed because the judge said the sisters could not prove their case. (What? You mean, like, the American justice system is once again gaslighting female victims? Tragic.)

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But now, new details have been released about the court case, especially about Jill and Jim Bob, as the documents have been sealed.

Received legal documents The sun, The 30-year-old reality star claims he is the only family member who “sought any kind of therapy or counseling after the police report was released.” She and her husband Derrick Dillard They even entered the couple’s therapy as they were going through some “problems with her family – especially her father” – a “lack of limits” when it came to contractual concerns.

Is that one of the big problems? According to court documents, Jill recalls how Jim Bob “verbally abused” her when the couple began to make decisions in their best interests. The 19 children and counting An early psychological opinion by alum said at the time Robert Winn:

“Once I saw a whole new dimension to my father, my husband and I began to make decisions that were best for our family, but not in his best interests. Sadly, I realized that he had become quite restrained, intimidating, and responsive. He was verbally abused. Our relationship is not good. It got quite toxic. We occasionally text in a family group thread, but I don’t feel comfortable hanging out and just hanging out. It’s not good for my mental health right now. “

Understandable. Legal documents added:

“They were told not to come to Dugar’s house without his father’s permission and his father did not allow him to wear his nose ring, drink alcohol or wear pants.”

Elsewhere in the filing, the group requested that their statements about whether they have pardoned their brother Josh and why they have not sued him be dropped as irrelevant to their case. After the molestation, the defendants targeted the family for giving their daughters “adequate therapy”:

“The plaintiffs were in favor of a PR effort – initiated and directed by the family’s PR representative / agent – to instruct the plaintiffs to forgive their brother and publicly declare their apology as a way to silence the controversy and hopefully save their TV show. Questions about what to do, including refusing to sue him, are relevant to their initial claim for damages in this case, along with emotional distress and emotional distress. Unlike most who claim to have been sexually assaulted, the plaintiffs were forced to stay with their alleged assassin for years after their respective assaults. “

Docs continued:

“The plaintiffs were not treated – or, at the very least, adequately treated (none of them even remember the name of the counselor who vaguely pretended to speak once, as a team and in the presence of their parents) – with trauma to deal with. . No practical steps have been taken by their parents to ensure their safety during adolescence. ”

Jill even revealed to her mentor that she was suffering from “resurrection” and “trauma” after the record was released:

“On a regular basis, she is emotionally overwhelmed and prone to crying … She actively tries to manage emotions, to confuse herself and not to ‘think’ about the ‘omnipresent’ triggers. She tries to bury.”

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The To count The star described her childhood as “friendly, happy and stimulating”, noting that she was “close” to her 18 siblings and had “loving” parents. However, things changed when the family experienced a “family-wide crisis” when Josh was interviewed by police, and made allegations of abuse to the district authorities. When the records were released in 2015, he claimed that it had “devastating consequences” and “broke all hell”:

“Trauma is hitting me again, harder than expected, and I’m hoping to be drugged through the mud again in an attempt to get justice.”

Although Jill “longs” to reunite with her father, she and her husband now have very limited interaction with Jim Bob – noting that they only see each other at large family events:

“To protect our conscience, my husband and I have had to make some very strict boundaries at the moment. We now see him at weddings and funerals. I think sometimes he wants us to just ‘get over it’ and get things back to the way they were … doing things like that. “

He then mentioned that he did not want to talk about their problems because of the “many triggers”. For his relationship with his mother Michelle Dugar? Jill shares that she’s “in pain” and wants Jim Bob to “shut his mouth sometimes.” And when the mother of two sees him more than her father, she reveals that it’s still “triggering” and “awkward” most of the time.

That’s great.

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