Jim Bob Dugar angrily escapes courtroom, refuses to comment on boy’s sentence

On May 25, just six months after a jury of his peers convicted him of child sexual abuse, Josh Dugar was sentenced by a judge in Arkansas.

As previously reported, the former reality star was given 151 months behind the federal bar; A sentence of about 12 and a half years in prison.

Arkansas Judge Timothy L. Brooks, who heard both the defense and the prosecution’s case, argued in court that Dugar deserved a lenient sentence (5 years, according to his lawyers) or a maximum sentence (20 years). Government).

In the end, Brooks described Dugar’s crime as “the worst of the sick” before he made his announcement.

Photo by Joshua Dugar

Josh’s father, Jim Bob, was among those in the Western District of Arkansas federal courthouse in Fayetteville when Brooks handed down the sentence; His wife; Bring; And his siblings Joy-Anna (Dugar) Forsyth and Jason Dugar.

Almost immediately after the sentence was announced, a local journalist caught Jim Bob walking towards his parked car.

He was asked on multiple occasions how he felt about the 12-and-a-half-year rule, refusing to stop for reporters who asked him such questions.

As you can see in the featured footage at the bottom of this page, Anna Dugar was also caught on camera exiting the courthouse.

Josh Dugar and Anna Dugar

No one related to Josh has yet spoken to the press or made any statement.

However, Defense Attorney Justin Gelfand said Wednesday afternoon:

“We are grateful that the court dismissed only one of the two charges and that the court rejected the government’s request for a 240-month sentence.

“By law, we will immediately file a notice of appeal within the next 14 days.”

Josh Dugar's post-conviction mug shot

As a prosecution?

Government attorneys reiterated after the hearing that “no person is above the law, regardless of their wealth, their social status or anything else,” adding:

“This case, this trial, this sentence is not only for the victims of child abuse, but also for the victims of child abuse here in the western district of Arkansas, but for the victims of child abuse everywhere.

“This case shows that these children are being subjected to some of the worst forms of abuse that can be imagined. This case shows that their pain is real, their suffering is real.”

Back in the day Josh Dugar

In May 2019, agents raided Duggar’s workplace, discovering dozens of sexually explicit photos and videos.

This ingredient is characteristic of children under 12 years of age Some even feature children under 2 years of age

Duggar was then arrested in April 2020 and his trial began late last year.

Until Wednesday’s sentencing, members of Josh Dugar’s famous family have spoken both for and against the former reality star.

Josh Dugar is the worst

Mother Michelle, for example, wrote a letter to Judge Brooks asking for humility in her sentencing because “Joshua has a tender heart and he is sympathetic to others.”

Anna also wrote a letter to Judge Brooks, calling her husband a “loving, caring and caring father.”

According to various sources, Anna still believes Josh is innocent.

And she has no plans to divorce him.

Josh and Anna Dugar get fancy

The case ended after the sentence was made public:

“We know that this case is not going to alleviate the pain and suffering they have already experienced from this abuse.

“But it is our hope that this sentence will shed light on this dark criminal behavior, because every time these files are transacted, shared and downloaded online, those same children fall victim again.”

Dugar will soon be transferred from a detention center to a federal prison to begin his long stay behind bars.

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