Jim Bob Duger forbids niece Amy to go dancing with the stars because it is

We have been saying this for years. Jim Bob Duger Religion practices a sexist and regulatory form – and reality TV should never have been given a platform.

Her son’s child porn trial recently Josh Putting his biggest sin in front of him – yes, we said! – Degrading the actual child under the rug to maintain the presence. Not only did he leave the young women in his care unprotected for an admitted hunter, he endangered countless children by leaving that child on earth. No reaction or rehabilitation, just a slap on the wrist and a “boys will be boys.” Too bad.

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But of course, her sexist worldview has had a huge impact on her daughters … and her sister’s daughter. As Jill Dillard Now spread many years ago, Jim Bob considered his daughters a kind of property, first taking all the money for their work 19 children and counting But spinoff CountingWhich apparently go to a spinoff star for the title Jill and Jessa.

That patriarchal authoritarianism apparently extends to the niece Amy DugarWhose reality TV career he sabotaged – at least according to a new report The sun.

Amy has received some attention since her time 19 children And use that cache to get a gig We are TVOf Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars. But a source close to the FAM told the outlet “Shore had a lot of opportunities.” The biggest? Network, baby! ABCOf Dance with the stars! Internal claim:

“She is OK Dance with the starsBut Jim Bob won’t let him. “

Oh, what ?! Why?

Well, according to the source it’s all about the image His Look at the brand, she has raised her daughters to be modest – and the form-fitting outfits they wear DWTSWell, these are just invitations to sinful thoughts, aren’t they? Not to mention, even non-religious dances and songs were strictly controlled in his house. One could argue that he took these restrictions more seriously than when his son confessed to molesting young girls. A.

If this is true, then Amy — whose mother is Jim Bobb’s sister Dina – That huge opportunity was really taken away from him, it’s really unforgivable. Not as bad as child molestation, obviously, but you know – terrible in its own unique way.

[Image via WE tv/Jana Duggar/ABC/YouTube.]

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