Joe Biden called for a nationwide gun control law: “How do we kill?

President Joe Biden delivered an emotional speech Thursday night in the wake of multiple mass shootings over the past few weeks – most notably a massacre in Uvalade, Texas that claimed the lives of 19 elementary school children.

A Desperate Speech, one might even say.

The speech from the White House Cross Hall, where the candlelight line was lit as a backdrop, tried its best to increase the pressure on the Commander-in-Chief to work on Congress … failing to make any meaningful new legislation after previous shots.

Joe Biden gave a speech

“How many more murders are we willing to accept?” Biden called on Republicans to end the gun control vote blockade.

Just last month, a gunman opened fire inside a supermarket in Buffalo … a gunman inside a school in Texas … and a gunman inside a hospital in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

In each case, the shooter used an AR-15 to carry out the numerous killings.

President Biden wants to see a nationwide embargo on assault weapons; Or, at the very least, to raise the minimum age to 21 so that anyone can purchase one of these weapons.

Joe Biden at Lectern

In addition to his appeal for assault weapons, Biden called on Congress to extend background check requirements for gun purchases … create new rules for safe weapons storage … and enact new “red flag” laws that would prevent gun sales to criminal record holders. .

He wants to remove the shield of responsibility for their gun makers and provide more mental health services for students.

All 50 Democrats in the Senate will probably approve almost all of these measures.

But GOP?

Joe Biden in 2022

“Oh my God, the majority of Republicans in the Senate don’t want any of these proposals to be debated or voted on, I think it’s outrageous,” Biden said in his remarks.

“We cannot fail the American people again,” he added.

The president had previously met with the bereaved families of their murdered loved ones in Buffalo and Uvalade, telling his audience last night that they all had a message for Congress:

“Do something.”

Joe Biden Covid address

According to various reports, more than 311,000 students have experienced gun violence at school since the 1999 Colombo Colombine genocide.

No new measures have been taken to try and prevent such tragedies.

“Nothing has been done,” Biden said this week. “It simply came to our notice then. We had to do something about it.”

He later emphasized:

“The children we’ve lost, the children we can save, the nation we love, let’s hear the cries and screams. Let’s meet that moment. Finally we do something.”

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