John Gosselin has just released a new rap single! What are you waiting for ?!

John Gosselin Really dive headfirst into the world of music!

Towards the end of last year, d John and Kate Plus 8 Alum teased fans that he was going to release a hip-hop album sometime in 2022. He obviously took a big step towards that goal on Friday, when he dropped a new single for the world to hear!

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The 45-year-old has released a song with this name Voicemail Friday across all streaming platforms, in groups International DJ Caspar In what People Says a “hip-hop / rap-style track”.

The former reality TV star has pushed hard on the new single Instagram, Requesting fans to “share, download and repost” the track is now out. And he also mentioned that he and DJ Caspar apparently have “a lot more music that we’re working on.”

Of course, Kate GosselinThe former has worked as a DJ before. But with all this new music apparently on the horizon, he’s not joking about the goal of this album!

You can hear Voicemail For yourself (below):


According to his IG account, the eight-year-old father also had a “single release party” at a hotspot in Philly on Friday night. So, you know, if you’re in the area and want to show your support …

Hey, no hate! If this has been a goal for the zone for some time, then good for him to follow!

Did you say Perezius reader ??

[Image via Jon Gosselin/Instagram]

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