John Gosselin trashes ex-wife (again!), Claims Kate Gosselin “divorced” him

We really hate to say it, celebrity gossip followers, but:

Here. We. Going. Again.

Despite being divorced from his ex-wife for more than a decade, and already roasting him in the media on several occasions, John Gosselin spoke to Entertainment Tonight on May 11 and drew his attention to a familiar topic:

Kate Gosselin.


“[Communicating with] The kids with Kate are very difficult because I don’t have an open relationship with them, “John shouted at the outlet:

“I think it was a weak parental decision. It would have been better if he had been more open with them and explained things better …

“I’m isolated from those kids.”

John and Kate were married in 1999 and welcomed twins Cara and Maddie almost a year later.

Two gossips

In 2004, the family became stars four years after Kate tabooed Gaselin for their sextoplets – Alexis, Colin, Joel, Hannah, Leah and Aden – and for the TLC reality show John & Kate Plus 8.

Fast forward to 2009, and apparent tensions between husband and wife eventually resulted in a formal split.

For several years, Kate had the primary custody of eight sons and daughters.

This, however, changed when he sent Colin to some kind of educational institution.

Boba Goselin

John eventually took Colin out of the facility and, since the summer of 2021, both Colin and Hannah have been living with their father.

According to his own confession, John had not spoken to his other children in years.

And who will he blame for this lack of communication?

You can probably guess, can’t you?

John Gosselin and Hannah

“It would have been better if he had been more open with them and explained things better,” John told ET, adding that Kate had not been open enough with their children and was concerned about how the truth would come out in the end.

“They’re going to learn all that and how it happened,” he continued.

Truth is always relative, of course.

John Gosselin: A selfie

“They are going to find out [their] Parents, and what happened in the past and how relationships are formed and how relationships fail, “Gosselin explained Wednesday.

“Sometimes you hide these things from your children.

“Sometimes it’s hard to tell your child these things because you’re afraid they’re not mature enough to understand these things.”

To his credit, Kate has rarely spoken publicly about his ex-wife.

John Gosselin in the New Year

Although he felt the need to speak in 2020 after being accused of assaulting John Colin.

The father of eight denied the allegations at the time, but Kate spoke strongly about the alleged incident and her ex in an interview with People magazine.

“I am hiding and I will say it unequivocally: John is a violent and offensive person,” Kate Goselin said at the time.

“I don’t want my kids around her. Enough is enough.”

Hannah Gosselin is about 18 years old!

Her two children must be around their father these days.

Earlier this week, on the occasion of her 18th birthday, Hannah also spoke at length about the cause.

“I chose to live with my father, I feel like I chose for myself. I have always been close to my father and we have always had a strong good relationship,” Hannah told ET, adding in a mysterious fashion:

“I think my mother’s house was abusive and I just wanted to be with my father.”

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