John Kramer’s ex-Ian Shinley calls him a home-raker who tried to get

Oh, it’s getting so messy !!

Jana Kramer And her now ex-boyfriend Ian Shinley After confirming their breakup last month, they’re reunited with each other – and this time around, they’re both making some serious allegations!

The first fitness instructor to speak Our weekly The actress on Wednesday presumably caught the feeling for him Holiday fix up Co-star Ryan McPartlin (Low inset) – And he had no problem showing his crush in a strange place in his house! He climbed:

“She had a picture for the first three weeks of dating [Ryan] In the bathroom – a signed photo. “

Uh, okay, that’s a little weird!

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But Ian’s allegations became even more serious when he claimed that Jana “tried to get many of his co-stars to leave their wives for him”! What? Apparently, he did this with Ryan, as Ian recalled that he had told him that he “wanted to choose McPartlin,” as he said:

“He was with two coasters where he tried to leave their wives.”

Damn it! Jana has always been so clear about how much she hates cheaters considering her ex-husband Mike Cosin They have been with him more than once during their marriage, so the fact that he tried to steal another woman’s man is just a startling claim! Not to mention Ryan got married Daniel Kirlin Since 2002 and has two children. Does he really want to break up a family like his ??

So, which of these is true ?!

Us Reached One tree hill Alum for comment, and he applauded harshly! In many relationships, Ian has been called out for cheating, When down The podcast host says:

“The reason I didn’t say anything more about this breakup was because Ian had lied about cheating on his ex-wife and I was trying to protect her. He has become my friend and I have been trying to protect his privacy, but he has now allowed me to speak on his behalf. “

The 38-year-old continues his former ex-claim:

“Ian is angry because all his lies have come out and now the story is twisting. Since then I have learned from many women that I was not alone in our relationship, but I am happily moving on with my life and I hope he does the same. Will do. “

Oops. Too many women ?! And during their relationship? That was a nerve hit!

Although Jana is not the only one speaking on her behalf, a source also spoke on her behalf in the story with the outlet, explaining:

“It simply came to our notice then. Ian always bragged about how many followers he was gaining when dating Jana. He claims he wanted to be personal, but it could not be further from the truth. Jana has moved on and moved on with her life and wishes her well. “

She went to chat with celebrity magazine fairly quickly from the relatively unfamiliar Nashville “Girl Dad”, but perhaps it was just an inevitable consequence of meeting a mother of two in the first place?

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When asked why he thinks the relationship had an explosive consequence, the ex Navy seals To say Us Earlier this week:

‚ÄúThere were some things that were not good for me. I have talked to some people and realized that she has a very strong, anxious attachment and that it could be part of her ex, which is okay, it was going on for the whole relationship. I got to a breaking point where I couldn’t handle it because I tried – I really did. I really care about it, and I still do, but it got to the point where I had to leave. “

While he insisted he wasn’t “trying to hurt” his ex-girlfriend, the best way to do that would be to keep his mouth shut, wouldn’t he? Ian shared:

“I just want him to stop saying he’s healing or trying to help other people who have trauma or, you know, he’s happy alone. She doesn’t. He has anxious attachments. And unless he is actually happy alone, he will never be happy.

Rough! Oh, and if you somehow hoped that these two would one day revive their spark, he made it very clear that there was “zero chance” that they would ever come back together. He told the outlet about Jana:

“You continue to manipulate people in the same way – friends or, you know, relationships. The therapy is not working. You are telling the therapists a certain version and they are responding exactly that way. He told me that he literally lied to every therapist. So again, these would mean that you have to spend for these processes. So don’t tell me – because I broke up with you, you got it all of a sudden [a] Perception [of] It doesn’t matter what you do because I’m sure he told everyone else. “

Interestingly, he did not hate all aspects of the country’s musician, adding:

“Michigan is a beautiful place. It’s a different story known in Hollywood.”

Hmmm. But surely he is Was When they got together she knew she couldn’t separate that aspect of her life? And isn’t he leaning towards Hollywood things by chatting openly about their breakup? It’s definitely a bit sus. Think, fan reader? Do you believe any of these claims? Sound off (below)!

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