John Mulani denounced by fans for hosting Dave Chappell as part of Ohio stand-up

After fans respond online John Mulani Hosting surprised fans in Ohio Dave Chappell On stage there on Friday night for a set on his stand-up comedy show.

Mulani was performing in Columbus, and surprised the fans Chapel show The door opens for him completely unexpectedly! Sounds funny, doesn’t it ?! Not so, claim some fans who were apparently on the show.

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Now, like most comedy events, fans were forced to lock their phones in pouches before the performance so that no one could record the proceedings. But after Friday night’s event, show-goers jumped on social media to give their opinions on what they apparently saw.

The controversy started when some fans took it Twitter Immediately on Friday night’s set to report on Chapel’s alleged “transphobic jokes.” Here is one of the first viral tweets posted from a so-called show participant who informed the public about the apparent content hosted at the event:


Others, however, have reacted differently. At least one other alleged participant has been seen falling behind in the content of the show, sharing the series’ tweets about the seeming things that were said and done on stage during Dave’s presence (below):

Of course, the gun / knife comment seems to be a commentary on Chapel’s recent attack while on stage earlier this month. Hollywood Ball.

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As expected, the incident is already causing a lot of panic online.

Here are some of the many, many, many reactions to Chappell’s unannounced appearance on the Columbus stage with Mulani on Friday night. Twitter (Below):

“John Mulani had to sit through the chapel’s unnecessary transphobic tirade, which he called a joke, in order not to make a single comment about the many trans members of his audience. Can trans people breathe the king?

“People are crazy about how weak something is. I swear I thought it was worse. “

“Why are you a fan of Mulani after all this?”

“One day, in the future, Transphobos will discover a second trick.”

“He’s funny but he’s done so many jokes that it always hurts. This is why we need to take minority comedians to the center stage.

“It doesn’t seem to matter at all, but we are dealing with the softest community on the planet.”

“I was one of those listeners who was laughing at gay jokes and everyone around me was clearly agreeing that I was a joke but a sick feeling. Sending love. “

“Joke after joke, it’s torture.”


Think, fan reader?

[Image via FayesVision/WENN/Avalon]

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