Johnny Depp: Amber Hard is a cheap stripper! I’ll cut Elon Musk’s DK!

The Johnny Depp-Amber Hard defamation trial continues today with the testimony of two well-known witnesses.

While at the stand last week, Hard testified about a rumor that he had heard Depp push his ex-girlfriend Kate Moss down a flight of stairs.

Today, Moss testified via video link from Gloucester, England.

The model told the court that Depp never took her down the stairs or that he had abused her during their relationship.

Kate Moss on the court
Kate Moss on the court

“He never pushed me, never kicked me or threw me down any kind of ladder,” Moss said.

“As soon as I left the house, I went down the stairs and hit my back,” he continued.

“And I screamed because I didn’t know what had happened to me, and I was in pain. He ran to help me and took me to my room and gave me medical care.”

Kate Moss in 2022

After Moss finished his brief testimony, Depp took a stand again.

This time, he denied the writings where he was seen referring to Hard as imagining “beating him like a begging mackerel”.

Although he denied any responsibility for the allegations, Depp acknowledged that he was the author of the second round of angry texts that Hard’s attorneys presented in court.

Johnny Depp enters court

“He’s begging for complete humiliation … he’s going to get it,” the actor wrote.

Referring to Hard’s brief relationship with Tesla CEO Elon Musk, Depp added:

“I have no compassion, no fear, and no ounce of emotion, or I once thought this gold digging, low-level, a dozen, gentle, meaningless hanging extra used flappy fish market …

Deep, hard, mask

“I’m so f – the king is glad he wants to go fight against it !!! He will hit the wall hard !!!” Depp went to the lessons addressed to Hard’s former agent.

“And I can’t wait for this waste of a semi gazelle from my life !!!

“I met an F-King great little Russian here … who made me realize that I had blown on that 50 cent stripper … I wouldn’t touch him with a Goddam glove,” continued Depp.

Depp vs. Hard

“I can only hope that Karma will take the gift of breath from him … sorry, man … but, now, I will not stop at anything !!! Let’s see if there is a pair of mollusks,” he added.

“Come see me face to face … I’ll show him something he’s never seen before … like, the other side of his DK when I cut it.”

Asking his own attorney what he thought when he wrote these articles, Depp revealed that they came from a place of blind anger.

Johnny Depp in court

“I am absolutely shocked that this is happening to me, my whole life on the planet has been brought to the head of a pin with all this completely false information,” he told the court.

“When you are accused of horrible things and of what you did not do, when it is actually some very ugly thing about you that Mrs. Hard and her team are leaving the world on an endless basis, you have a very, very angry and The tendency to get angry, not at the stage where you go out and hit someone, not even at the stage where you attack a cabinet, but you get angry, you wonder why this person will do it? Do it with you, “Depp continued.

Depp said he was deeply concerned about how his family, including his two children, would react to the allegations.

Johnny Depp testified

“My mother, fortunately, couldn’t read any of it because it would have killed her,” Depp told the court.

“Everyone I’ve met, everyone who has supported me suddenly thinks I’m dirty. It never happened. It’s a small lie. So yeah, I’m very angry.”

Depp’s attorneys ended their interrogation line with a simple, meaningful question:

Depp testifies

“Mr. Depp, have you ever physically abused Mrs. during your relationship?”

“Never. Never,” Depp testified.

Depp vs. Hard is set to wrap up Friday with jury talks starting shortly after the defamation trial.

We will have more information about the story of its development as new information becomes available.

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