Johnny Depp and Amber Hard Court stenographers claim ‘some judges’ are asleep

When the world was fascinated by most Johnny Depp And Amber HardJudging by the defamation, it seems that some judges can hardly stay awake to hear all this!

The court stenographer of the case is opening his mouth about what happened in the Fairfax, Virginia courtroom, when Axira fought a domestic violence claim in an op-ed amber written in 2018.

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In a new interview with Dr. Law and Crime Network, Judy Bellinger Revealed that the “few” judges fell asleep several times! The names of the judges have been sealed for at least one year due to the high-profile nature of the case, according to the judge Penny Drink sugarIn its order, Judy could easily recall those who had a hard time paying attention to the many pieces of evidence and testimony brought in the case. He recalled:

“There were a few judges who fell asleep.”

What ??

He added that they sat in the front and back rows, often falling asleep while submitting videos, continuing:

“And it was hard. There were lots of videos submitted, and they would sit there and all of a sudden I’d see them bow their heads.”

Oh my goodness! We know it was a long trial for which there was a lot of information, but it is very bad to think that some people who have made such an important decision have fallen asleep!

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Interestingly, there was a judge who, like the people of the house, paid attention to all the small details of the trial, but was not even allowed to help him make the final decision! Bellinger explained that the “best” judge was one of the randomly selected options and could not help decide the verdict in the end. For those who do not know, the alternatives hear all the evidence like the other judges but are only asked to help determine the verdict if other judges need to be replaced. In this regard, Judy says:

“Unfortunately, he was the one who probably heard the most. I saw the expression on his face, he was said to be very deep in every word. I thought he would be a great judge, and he never saw it. “

He was apparently one of the few who paid “close attention” the whole time. That’s great! Listen to the full reflection of the court reporter towards the judges (below)!

It is difficult to know whether this information will be helpful Aquaman The star’s potential appeal, but it certainly seems like an asset! Whatever it is, his attorney Elaine Bradhoft Already confident that he has “excellent grounds” for appeal. On thursday Today On the show, he claimed that his client was “demonized” by Depp’s team and social media, which he thinks could influence the jury’s verdict:

“They went home every night, they have families, families are on social media. We had a 10 day break in the middle due to the Judicial Conference. There is no way they can be affected by it. “

Judges were instructed not to investigate the case or to comment on social media, but it is hard to believe how viral the case was and how long the trial lasted.

As Perezcious readers know, a seven-person jury side with Depp at the end of the trial (as was the case with most of the public). She was awarded 10. 10.35 million and Amber also won 2 million. If everyone could stay awake, would this result be different ?? We assume that it is up to Amber’s legal team to debate an appeal. For now, what are your thoughts? Sound off (below)!

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