Johnny Depp Courtroom Shocker: Woman claims to be the father of her child!

Johnny Depp-Amber Hard There are lots of heinous moments in the defamation trial.

For the most part, of course, they happened at the witness stand, with both sides making staggering allegations of physical and mental abuse.

But in a surprising change of pace, the most amazing moment of the week came from a court observer sitting in the gallery.

If you’ve followed the trial, you probably know that a wristband for entering the courthouse is Fairfax, Virginia’s most popular ticket these days, and the gallery is often filled with Depp supporters.

Johnny Depp testified

But while fans of the actor have been trying to outdo each other since the start of the trial, one woman easily separated herself from the pack on Monday, using a tactic that quickly caught Depp’s attention.

The first details of the story came to us courtesy of law and crime reporter Angenet Levy who revealed that the incident was uncovered as soon as the cameras stopped rolling in preparation for the afternoon break.

“Suddenly, this lady … she’s standing in the back of the courtroom with her baby, and she says, ‘Johnny, I love you, our soul is attached,'” Levy recalls.

Johnny Depp in court

Not surprisingly, it did not take long for the woman to be removed from the premises.

“He held the baby and said: ‘This baby is yours. The deputy was like,’ You’re out of here, ‘” Levy said.

“It was pretty wild. It was a moment,” he added.

Johnny Depp in court

Many inside the courtroom concluded that the woman was suffering from a kind of confusion.

But as it turns out, the incident was a funny prank idea of ​​his.

Levy said he had contacted the woman who claimed the baby, and Prankster confirmed that he had discussed the idea with her husband and “they thought it was a joke and thought it would be funny.”

Depp testifies

Well, to his credit, it probably is Did Lighten the mood in the courtroom.

“Just let everyone know, Johnny Depp doesn’t have a third child who was in court today,” Levy concluded.

After that confusion it returned to business, with two forensic accountants taking a position today to discuss the impact Depp and Hard had had on their careers.

Depp vs. Hard

The trial is expected to end on Friday, and the jury may deliberately start early on Tuesday after Memorial Day.

Depp is suing Hard for 50 million, alleging that he caused irreparable damage to his career in 2018. The Washington Post In that article he identified himself as a survivor of domestic violence.

Hard did not name Depp in the article, but his attorneys argued that it was clear who he was referring to when he wrote about his abuser.

Amber Hard tells her side

Depp claims that a void is sixth Caribbean pirates Features and other lost career opportunities have led to eight-digit financial losses.

Hard has filed a counter-suit for 100 million.

We will have more updates on this evolving story as new information becomes available.

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