Johnny Depp drops $ 60k in Victory Party post-amber hard win

By now, you’ve probably heard that Johnny Depp has won his defamation suit against Amber Hard.

For the entire six weeks of the trial, news of the ex-couple’s legal battle was everywhere, and now, the heated debate over the verdict has taken the place of all those headlines about the shocking allegations made in the witness stand.

Heard plans to appeal the verdict, which means we may soon reconsider the matter in a public opinion court.

But in the meantime, Depp is enjoying his restored public image and celebrating a victory that has stunned many observers.

Johnny Depp smokes, wears a suit

Depp is still in the UK, where he has been performing with legendary guitarist Jeff Beck since before the verdict was announced.

On Sunday night, Depp Beck and 20 of his close friends joined him when he hit an Indian restaurant called Varanasi in Birmingham, England.

Restaurant sources told TMZ that Depp had spent more than $ 60,000 on food.

Johnny Depp enters court

Staff say Depp happily posed for photos and even took some time to chat with the place manager in his private office.

News about Johnny’s expensive night out comes in the news that the actor has joined Ticket.

And it turns out he’s just as popular on the Zuma-centric social media site as the UK:

Johnny Depp in court

Depp has amassed 3.7 million followers since joining TikTok just 48 hours ago.

Meanwhile, Hardy’s sister, Whitney Henriquez – who testified for Hardy during the trial – took to Instagram to share some support for the troubled actress.

“I’m still standing with you, sister,” Whitney wrote.

Whitney Post

“Yesterday, today and tomorrow I will always be proud of you for standing up for yourself, for bearing witness here in both Virginia and the UK and for being the voice of many who cannot speak to the things that are happening behind closed doors.”

“I am honored to testify on your behalf, and I will do it a million times because I know what I have seen and the truth is forever on your behalf,” he continued.

“I am very sorry that this was not reflected in the decision made by this jury, but I will never leave you, and there will never be anyone who will be by your side forever.”

Amber Hard tells her side

Whitney noted that “the cards were stacked against us” and said he was proud that Amber “stood up and spoke regardless.”

Whitney’s post comes amid reports that Amber’s scenes have been removed from her upcoming film Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom.

The movie will not open in theaters until March 2023, but activists fear that Hard’s connection to the project could lead to negative press and bad box office.

Amber hard in judgment

Those fears could be allayed if Amber wins her appeal, but she is less likely to go to court before March next year.

In a recent interview Today On the show, Hard’s attorney, Elaine Bradhoft, claims that Hard has “excellent grounds” for appeal.

He further suggested that the media circus surrounding the trial and the failure to snatch the court jury were both reasons for Depp’s victory.

Depp testified

“They go home every night. They have families,” Bradhoft said.

“Families are on social media. We got a 10-day break in between because of the judicial conference. There’s no way they can’t be affected by it,” he continued.

“I was against the camera in the courtroom, and I went on record with it and argued against it because of its sensitive nature, but it turned it into a zoo.”

Amber takes a hard stand

Looks like Bradhoft is already strategizing for the second round.

And we’re sure he’s well aware that if Hard wants to go back to the public, he’ll have to make his appeal as soon as possible.

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