Johnny Depp has received support from the Anti-Domestic Violence Organization

The sixth week of the Johnny Depp-Amber Hard defamation trial is underway in Fairfax, Virginia this morning.

Herd’s team is expected to rest their case by Friday, and the jury could begin discussions as soon as Tuesday after Memorial Day.

As is the case with all high-profile trials, the jury was initially instructed to avoid any media coverage of the case, but this could be an impossible claim due to the intense public scrutiny that has never been given in this latest war. – The end of the war between Depp and Hard.

Americans nowadays disagree on many things, but surprisingly, the court of public opinion seems to have agreed on this example.

Depp / heard

Last week, we reported on the amount of hate that Hard is getting on social media.

There seem to be a number of reasons, not the least of which is that Hard admitted to punching and kicking Depp during their brief marriage.

But Hard seems to have more to do with public relations than the information in the contempt case.

Depp vs. Hard

The shocking allegations he made at the stand – including the claim that Depp sexually assaulted her with a glass bottle – did not seem to have any effect on her critics, many of whom believed Hard was simply lying.

This is a rare trial where public sentiment is almost as important as the jury’s decision, as it will determine whether Depp or Hard is able to continue working in Hollywood.

And over the weekend, Tim Depp won another social media victory in the form of a group support that was founded with the goal of protecting abused women and children.

Johnny Depp in court

Mission NGO is an Italian-based organization founded by former Miss Italy Valeria Altobelli.

First reported by TMZ, the group spoke in defense of Depp in their latest Instagram story.

“With deep respect for the victims of domestic violence that we must ensure for intellectual integrity, in general, women, we as women, as mothers, feel free to express our sympathy on this bad page of Johnny Depp. Personal history,” reads the post. .

Depp Post

The response from followers has been overwhelmingly positive.

“Thank you for talking about Johnny,” one follower wrote.

Thank you for standing up against any form of domestic violence, regardless of gender, religion, age, etc. Thanks! Sincerely, DV’s victim, “added another commenter.

Amber Hard tells her side

These sentiments were echoed on Twitter where #MenToo became a trending topic on Sunday.

One person tweeted, “Women abusers are now being referred to as ‘incomplete victims’ which is the most offensive bullshit I’ve seen in this trial.”

“It’s a message to all the men out there: If your significant other backs up and forgives Amber Hard’s behavior, get the hell out of that relationship,” another added.

Amber speaks hard

“Amber Hard’s new PR team is really working. They don’t seem to have considered how many of us are watching every minute of this trial,” shouted a third.

“Once upon a time many people believed in her. She ruined it, resulting in ‘trust all women’.”

Depp’s legal team is still fighting an ups and downs.

Depp testifies

They don’t just have to prove that Hard lied to her in 2018 The Washington Post Article, but also that those lies cost Depp’s career ক্ষতি 50 million.

Defamation is hard to prove under any circumstances, and Depp’s team has had the additional challenge of proving that Hard’s article was about him, as he never mentioned his former name.

It is clear, however, that Depp has had a much easier time convincing the public that he is the aggrieved party here.

And they can always be his primary purpose.

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