Johnny Depp is following this new artwork and calling his daughter Lily-Rose

Johnny Depp Perhaps he has something to say about not talking to his daughter during her defamation trial Amber Hard – And doing it through his art!

You know, the 59-year-old actor won his high-profile legal lawsuit against Amber for the op-ed he wrote. The Washington Post In 2018. And while many have spoken out in support of Johnny, one person has not spoken out in his recent legal battle: Lily-Rose Depp. The 23-year-old actress has remained silent and relatively inactive on social media throughout the trial, leading many fans to condemn her in previous posts for not supporting Johnny in any way:

“You don’t even have a picture of your father! What kind of person are you !? “

“After a year you will leave and be forgotten and people will only remember you as the daughter of a legend.”

“Why don’t you post something about your father.”

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Alas! Although Lily did not come to her father’s defense during the court battle, she had previously expressed her concern about the charges against Johnny. Instagram Posted in 2016, Writing:

“My dad is the dearest person I know, he’s my little brother and to me and to those who know him he’s nothing more than a wonderful dad.”

So it turned out that he did not say a word about the case – even after his victory. Now, Johnny seems to have addressed his recent silence on several parts of the new artwork sold through his NFT project, Never fear the truth. If you don’t know Pirates of the Caribbean alum launched the initiative in January, focusing on its “friends and heroes” website, adding:

“Those whom he knows well and who have inspired him as a person. Each picture is an intimate reflection of their character in Johnny’s eyes; An image of how they expressed themselves to him.

There are different images of Johnny, Heath Ledger, Tim Burton, Al Pacino, And even on the Lily site. So what does he have to say about the model? Well, some of the pieces actually feature various quotes written across his face reading:

“Silence. Exiled. Cunning.”

Shh FYI, this line is a paragraph of the novel Portrait of the artist as a young man, And Johnny tattooed it on his arm. You can see a piece (below):

Another old photo says:

“The sound weakens.”

It’s important to mention her 20-year-old son Jack Depp Not part of any of his NFTs, so it certainly looks like Johnny is calling his daughter for his lack of endless support! Wondering how Lily would feel about this?

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