Johnny Depp is seen hanging out with ex-Kate Moss after his surprised Amber Hard

Johnny Depp On Tuesday, her supermodel reunited with her ex-girlfriend at a concert in London, Backstage Get-Together, where she performed a cameo!

As we are reporting, the 58-year-old is working for fans as part of the A-list film star Jeff BeckIts a recent live performance. Just a few days ago, Depp took to the stage with the singer and wowed fans with some of his own cover performances that were captured on video.

And on Tuesday night, a Royal Albert Hall LONDON – Just days after arguments over his six-week defamation suit against the former Amber Hard – Depp did it again! But this time the real show went behind the scenes Later Performance, where Depp is said to have reconnected with his ex-girlfriend Kate Moss!

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According to Dailymail.comMoss came to see the various cover performances of Depp and Beck at the Royal Albert Hall Jimmy Hendrix, Marvin GayAnd John Lennon Sing together. Former American TV talk show personality Sharon Osborne That being said, there was, too, so it was obviously a star-studded incident that helped Johnny get his hair down after the trial.

But the real story was Moss! The outlet notes that the supermodel “came out of the blue MercedesAnd about 90 minutes before Depp arrived on stage, he was “escorted by security to the entrance of the stage door.” The Caribbean pirates The star chatted behind the stage with Moss and company for a while, then got up on stage just before 9:30 pm local time, joining Becky in saying “We love you Johnny” from the audience.

Depp “immediately grabbed the mic” when he came out and played seven songs with Beck, including one by Hendrix. Small wingsLennon To separateAnd Gay’s What’s going on. Here’s a quick clip of Depp’s trip to London with Beck, via Fox 5 New York (Below):

After about half an hour on stage, according to the outlet, Depp walked behind the scenes, all the way “kissing the audience” while apparently reuniting with Moss and friends to hang out a bit out of public view.

Amber Hard Tape explains that she hit Johnny Depp
Johnny and Amber went to Virginia court for six weeks. / (C) Law and Crime Network / YouTube

Of course, Depp’s ex-girlfriend recently testified on his behalf in his trial against Hard. Speaking via video from his home in the UK, Moss testified about a rumor that Depp pushed him on a flight of stairs while the two were on vacation in Jamaica during their relationship in the mid-1990s.

Speaking in Virginia court last Wednesday, Moss said Depp did No. Push him down the stairs to an island resort – but he actually fell due to a rainstorm.

He says in the record:

“We were leaving the room, and Johnny left before I could, and there was a storm. As soon as I left the room I went down the stairs and hit my back. I screamed because I didn’t know what had happened to me and I was in pain. He ran back to help me and took me to my room and gave me medical care.

When asked if City of lies The star pushed him, Moss doubled down:

“He never pushed me, kicked me or threw me down the stairs, no.”

Hard’s attorneys at the time refused to cross-examine the 48-year-old and his testimony was wrapped up.

This could prove to be a pivotal moment in the trial, as Moss’s first-hand experience in Jamaica directly refutes previous endless rumors about Depp’s alleged abuse – a rumor that Depp’s legal team spread by hard in previous testimonies.

The trial is set to begin on Wednesday.

[Image via San Sebastián Film Festival/YouTube/WENN/Avalon]

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