Johnny Depp joked about cutting his infamous finger during the autograph session

The story of it Johnny DeppHis severed finger twisted on Thursday, just days after the actor won the six-week defamation suit against his ex-wife. Amber Hard.

Of course, we’ve been reporting for years on the horrific finger injuries of 58-year-old A-Lister. In 2019, Depp accused Hard of cutting off the tip of his middle finger during an argument between the two over the couple’s post-marital contract in 2015. It follows previous allegations from 2016 that Depp allegedly cut off the tip of his finger during an apparently drunken tirade.

Most recently, in April 2020, the actor made the point of fracturing his finger while testifying in his years-long legal battle against her. Aquaman The star then, three months after her, testified that a bodyguard Caribbean pirates Icon presumably lied about the injury Protection Amber. Wow!

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Now, Johnny seems to have a better headspace to joke about. Maybe winning his courtroom earlier this week could have something to do with his good spirits?

Regardless, on Thursday, he appeared to perform with Newcastle, England Jeff Beck A. Sage Gateshead In town. Johnny has been touring the UK with Beck for a few days now, performing songs and entertaining fans in different parts of the country. And the Newcastle stop is still the most memorable …

While signing autographs for fans waiting patiently outside the venue on Thursday evening, the Kentucky-born star had a light-hearted exchange with a young fan who came to see him. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

Counting the discrepancies in his hands, Depp said:

“You have five. I have four and seven-eight. Mathematics. “

Math, really. A kind of dark joke, but hey, he made it at his own expense. And if he’s cold with that, is that good for him? Depp walks through the tangled crowd from there, while other fans shout his name as he continues to sign autographs. In the viral video clip (below) you can see the moment and hear Depp having fun at his fingertips:

The Twitter The user who captured the video later backed up to the site and captioned it City of lies The star, along with an update on his apparent behavior during the immediate meeting:

“For those who are asking, Johnny was really the most beautiful person. He took the time to talk and thank everyone and sign as much time and space as he had, especially the waiting kids.” .

Of course, Depp’s finger was part of the focus during the defamation trial in Virginia over the past few weeks. At one stage, while in his stand Charlie and the Chocolate Factory The actor testified that he lost the tip of his finger when Amber threw a bottle at him during an argument between the two in Australia in 2015.

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Recalling what he said happened in Down Under, Depp emphasized on the record:

“I looked down, and realized that the tip of my finger was detached, and I was looking directly at the bone and the fleshy part of your finger, and the blood was coming out.”

Afterwards, Johnny explained that he used the blood pressure of his injured finger to write on the wall. Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either. He claims that this is how it is exchanged Black mass They left:

“I realized he had lost a finger. He somehow held on and I said, ‘What did you do?’

In the seven years since that … Feedback, Fan Reader? What do you think of Johnny’s private victory parade through the United Kingdom over the last few days? Share your thoughts on everything below (below)!

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