Johnny Depp Jury Amber returns from a discussion of hard questions

In the jury Johnny DeppDefamation suit against Amber Hard They have to cut their work for them.

They are currently in the middle of talks, which they started on Friday. And the fact that it has been taken for so long is not only proof of the fact that the truth is not absolutely cut-and-dry but also how specific the questions they ask are actually.

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As it turns out, the jury is not being held responsible for trying to determine whether Johnny Depp committed domestic violence – not at all. Remember, this is a defamation suit. So they are being asked about Amber’s three statements The Washington Post Op-ed:

“I speak out against sexual violence – and face the wrath of our culture. That needs to change. “

“Two years ago, I became a public figure representing domestic violence, and for all the women who speak out, I feel the full force of the wrath of our culture.”

“It was a rare advantage to see in real time how institutions protect men accused of abuse.”

For each statement, they must determine whether it is a lie, whether it is about Johnny, whether Amber Hard wrote it – and whether by doing so she has acted with “real hatred.” Original Hate is not just a sick will Or It doesn’t matter if what he says is a lie.

As far as whether it was about Johnny and whether Amber wrote it, well Camilla Vasquez Already that sealed up. During an exciting interrogation, he stabbed Amber until he admitted that he had written it. Related Johnny says:

“I know how many people will come out and say anything for him. That is his power. So I wrote the op-ed. I was talking about that incident কত how many people would come out in support of him and his power would fall. He is a very strong man and people like to curry with strong men. “

Yes, quite powerful.

All that’s left is, Amber, whether Amber is lying! So how are you?

The jury on Tuesday gave them their first indication of what they were thinking back there. They sent a question to the judge about a statement: “I have spoken out against sexual violence – and faced the wrath of our culture. That needs to change. ” Because that statement was also the title of the op-ed, the jury’s question was whether they should decide Title There was false or complete curse composition.

Judge Penny Azcaret Explained:

“The statement is a title and not a complete op-ed.”

They have to decide if the title itself is a false statement. They are not being tasked with determining whether every single statement in the entire op-ed is true. Just those three specific statements.

So what does this tell us about the way they might be leaning?

It is possible that this is good news for Amber. If the jury decides to distinguish between the entire article and the false statement and the title itself, then logically it means that they think there is a difference. You cannot have a false title and a completely 100% true composition. So if they keep drawing a distinction, there seems to be a possibility they might think that the op-ed contains false and rhetorical statements but the title is usually true – so, how could that be?

Okay, look at the exact word here: “I spoke out against sexual violence.” Of course no one can speak out against sexual violence, which means they have been victims of sexual violence. Amber clearly says that she is suffering … in the body of the post. But in the title, is he vague enough that the jury agreed that it was not technically defamatory ??

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On the other hand, their focus may be on the term “sexual violence”. That’s another big way that statement differs from the other two. If the jury believes that Johnny hit Amber at some point, that he abused her in any way … it could overturn the other two. But if they draw the line and don’t believe his subsequent claims that he sexually harassed her, they may be stunned by the word “sexual violence” – and think it’s a lie.

Either way, they don’t seem to be consistent with the concluding arguments of either side. Amber’s attorney Benjamin Rottenburn He told the jury last week:

“Ladies and gentlemen, let me tell you very clearly, if Amber has abused Mr. Depp once, he has won … they are trying to deceive you into believing that Amber must be perfect to win. In fact, if he were to prove it. Failing that he has never abused Amber, he will win. “

When Johnny’s lawyer said Camilla Vasquez Put it in the same absolute position:

“You either believe it all, or none at all. Either she’s ugly, she’s been horribly abused, or she’s a woman who wants to say something.”

Sounds like the jury might agree …

How do you think they are going to decide ??

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