Johnny Depp: Ready to return to the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise?

On Wednesday, Hollywood was shocked to learn that Johnny Depp had won his defamation suit against Amber Hard.

Defamation lawsuits are notoriously difficult to win in American courts, and adversity seems to be hard.

Depp Hard sued for 2018 50 million for a 2018 article The Washington Post Where he identified himself as a victim of torture.

Depp’s legal team had to prove that Hard lied, that he did it maliciously, and that the lie caused long-term damage to Depp’s career.

Johnny Depp enters court

They also had to remove additional obstacles to prove that the article was about Depp, as Hard never mentioned his name.

Much of Tim Depp’s argument is based on his income, which he claims he lost as a result Post Essays

The biggest part of this loss was the 22.5 million that Depp was earning profitably for his work in the sixth installment. Caribbean pirates The franchise, which was eventually canceled

Johnny Depp out of court

Depp may never see such a paycheck again, his lawyers argued, and it’s all because of Amber Hard.

But now that Depp has been so publicly proven that the long-awaited return voyage on the Black Pearl ship could be stopped?

Shortly after the verdict was announced, Depp issued a statement thanking the jury for giving it to him. “[his] Life comes back “and promises fans that” the best is yet to come. ”

Johnny Depp in court

And in fact, it seems that a former Disney executive, speaking to People magazine on condition of anonymity, agreed with Depp that the future of his career looks really bright.

“I fully believe after the verdict that the pirates have a preference to reboot Captain Jack with Johnny on board,” the former executive told People.

“There’s a lot of potential box-office treasure for a favorite character deeply embedded in Disney culture.”

Depp vs. Hard

Insiders point out that so-called “legacy sequels” are all the rage these days, and Disney is probably already weighing its options for bringing Captain Jack Sparrow back to the big screen.

“With [producer] Jerry Brookheimer topped Tom Cruise’s huge success with the top song: Maverick, the hugely popular franchise, has a huge appetite for bringing back bankable Hollywood stars, “the producer said.

Of course, Depp famously commented that he would never return to the franchise, even if Disney “brought me $ 300 million and a million Alpacas.”

Depp testified

So the cost of his inquiries will probably be much higher than the $ 22.5 million studio previously set to pay.

It is also possible that Disney will decide that Depp has been so badly tarnished by the events of the past few years that he can no longer do banking as an A-list star.

Eyewitnesses called by Hard’s team claim that Depp’s lack of consistency and professionalism blacklisted him long before Amber came out in public with allegations of abuse.

Johnny Depp at the stand

The jury seemed to agree, as the তারা 10 million compensation they paid was far less than what Depp had requested, which seemed to be a disproportionate acknowledgment of the fact that he had no reason to lose the pirate’s job.

And when Depp’s case “won” (although Hard was also compensated, albeit to a much lesser extent), the press was so bad that it was impossible to imagine a large studio shelling to hire a fighter.

Currently, Depp is in the UK, where he is receiving rave reviews wherever he goes.

But it’s one thing to appreciate the guy and another thing to write him a 10-digit check in hopes of getting your investment back.

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