Johnny Depp said the most disgusting thing after marrying Amber Hard,

Amber HardIts friend has shed light on a restless comment Johnny Depp This pair is made after saying “I do”.

Preliminary evidence was taken by the court on Tuesday Io Tilette Wright, Who served as the best man at Hard and Depp’s 2015 Bahamas wedding. In the video, the author makes a startling claim, telling the court that Depp made a comment shortly after the ceremony about a possible physical assault on his new wife.

Wright told the court:

“I was walking with Johnny and congratulating him on pulling this … [Johnny told me,] ‘We are married now. I can punch him in the face and nobody can do anything. ‘

Um … WTF ?!

Wright said his friendship with Hard began in 2011 and ended about a year ago. She claims she hit it off with Amber’s then-boyfriend Depp in 2013 and even lived in one. Caribbean pirates Home of the stars for almost a year.

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The author says there was a time when the couple then called on him to help mediate their fierce fight, adding that the effects of deep alcohol and cocaine would become “rogue and cruel”. (Wright said he hadn’t thought of Depp drinking before his and Hard’s wedding day.) Although the 36-year-old claimed to have seen Hard and Depp arguing with each other, he noted that he had never seen them become physically violent. .

The activist said Depp told him he had dealt with violence and “anger activities” in his previous relationship with him. Winona Ryder, Will notAnd Vanessa Paradise. Wright further testified that he had “many discussions” with Johnny about his fight with Hard, and said that the actor often compared the actress to his mother.

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The podcast host says:

“At one point he said: ‘I already have a mother who is a bitch to me. I don’t need another one in my life. ‘

Wright went on to recall how Hard and Depp often became “ugly to each other” during their many injuries, telling the court:

“She calls him old and she soon calls him ugly and incompetent and then they get really ugly with each other.”

Oops, such a mess.

We will keep you updated as the trial continues.

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