Johnny Depp: What if he won the case against Amber Hard?

The Johnny Depp-Amber Hard defamation trial was on vacation this week so the judge could attend a pre-arranged conference that was not related to the case.

The trial is set to resume on Monday and end on May 27.

It is a testament to the high-stakes and tabloid-ready drama that this legal battle remains a hot topic of discussion and debate on social media even during its week-long break.

Depp is suing Hard for 50 million, alleging that he caused irreparable damage to his career with a 2018 article. The Washington Post In which he identifies himself as a survivor of domestic violence.

Depp / heard

The irony, of course, is that the trial draws much attention to the actors’ short, disastrous marriages, which Hard’s article may have left out.

Hard and Depp both take positions and accuse each other of heinous acts of abuse.

Depp first testified and claimed that Hard punched him, threw a burning cigarette in his mouth, and cut off part of his finger during a fight when he threw a bottle of wine at him.

Johnny Depp testified

Last week, Hard took a stand and complained that Depp had repeatedly abused her during their marriage.

He asserted that his confession had been obtained through torture, and that his confession had been obtained through torture.

Never before has an A-list couple so much disclosed their personal lives in a television court case, and as the trial draws to a close, many observers are wondering how this stunning drama will end.

Amber testifies hard

The worst case scenario for Hard would be a seven-judge jury finding Depp in favor and giving him the full $ 50 million in compensation he is requesting.

Depp’s attorneys say the figure reflects the former bankable star’s estimated four-year lost earnings, including $ 22.5 million for a planned fifth installment. Caribbean pirates The franchise which was eventually canceled.

However, if the jury rules against Depp, he will probably be forced to pay Hard his legal fees, and his $ 100 million countersuit will have a much greater chance of success.

Johnny Depp in court

“The jury is going to determine the damages for both the claim and the counter-claim,” said a source close to Hard’s legal team. New York Post This week.

“If the jury finds that Amber is responsible for Mr. Depp, it will determine the damages. If it is found that Mr. Depp was responsible for Amber’s counter-claim, it will determine the damages.”

A spokesman for Depp told the outlet, “The jury decides on compensation and yes it is possible that no compensation will be paid.”

Amber speaks hard

The legal experts said Post That Depp is facing “an uphill battle” because it is very difficult to win a defamation suit, especially for those who have voluntarily spent their entire lives in the public eye.

In addition to denying Hard’s claims, Depp’s lawyers must prove that he made the allegations with malicious intent and with intent to damage his career.

Former judge Halim Dhanidina said, “If the defamation suit is successful at any time, it will have a cooling effect on the speech.” Post This week.

Depp testifies

Dhanidina noted, however, that the jury may be cautious about the message to be sent if it is in Heard’s favor.

“We don’t want to create a world where people think they can say what they want even though they know it’s not true,” he added.

“Whatever the verdict, a verdict will have a cooling effect in one way or another.”

Amber takes a hard stand

Hard and Depp are both moving away from the media as they await the final chapter of this painful legal sage.

“Johnny is taking some time off in Europe, hanging out with old friends, playing music and taking long walks in the countryside,” a source close to the actor revealed this week.

We will have more updates on this evolving story as more information becomes available.

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