Johnny Depp Wins Blessings From Shocking Place – A Women’s Abuse Support Group!

Shh people’s perception of change!

We have noticed throughout this trial how the balance is shifting significantly towards public confidence Johnny Depp In large quantities. His fans have been behind him for a long time, but it is clear that many more are now taking his side against him. Amber Hard. There is always growing Petition to dismiss him as Mera Aquaman Movies (now up to 4.3 million signatures). And while some celebrities have felt comfortable speaking up for him, that’s enough to show the change in earthquakes.

But this new milestone… wow.

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If you haven’t heard Mission NGO, An Italian non-profit organization founded to create an international network of support and protection for women and children victims of physical, sexual and psychological abuse. And after days of evidence and testimony, they have chosen a party to this defamation suit – and not the woman. Boy that speaks a lot!

President and Founder Valeria Altobeli A statement on Friday morning said,

“Violence is a serious issue. As women, as mothers, we have a responsibility and responsibility to educate our children, that is, future generations, in the light of the values ​​of dialogue, respect and empathy between men and women, without any gender discrimination, to prevent violence with the weapon of love and education. With deep respect for the victims of domestic abuse that we need to ensure for intellectual integrity, in general, women, we as women, as mothers, feel free to express our sympathy for Johnny Depp on this personal bad page. History. “

“Bad page in his personal history”? Huh!

In an open letter, Altobeli added:

“Mission NGO women from around the world stand up against domestic violence, regardless of gender, age or race. Our goal is to educate men and women, regardless of gender, to speak and live in the values ​​of love, mutual understanding and sensitivity so that all forms of violence can be prevented, against women, against men, against children. ”

About Johnny, he writes:

“As women, we have empathy and we empathize not for stars, talents, actors, but for a man, a father, a worker, a man. Mental health is something that we should take care to live in a positive environment where women And men can love and respect each other without any kind of torture and violence. We humans and we need to find the humanity for which we were born to survive. “

That’s great. Even if the women’s team comes to Johnny’s defense, what will the jury do? Can he really win this trial?

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