Johnny Depp’s lawyers insisted they used Amber Hard’s ‘words against him’ to win

Johnny DeppThe demands made by its lawyers are finally being applauded Amber HardAttorney!

Camilla VasquezWho had just been promoted as a partner in his law firm, and 7 Ben Chiu Sat down with ABCOf George Stefanopoulos On Good morning America We have to open our mouths about the widely publicized trial and significant verdict on Wednesday.

Perezcious readers know, Caribbean pirates The star was awarded $ 10.35 million after a jury ruled in his favor after a six-week defamation trial. One day after the verdict, Amber’s attorney said Elaine Bradhoft Went on Today Show, claim (among other things) that “one-sided” social media content must have “influenced” the jury’s decision.

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Faced with this theory today, Ben strongly denied the possibility that social media platforms played a role in the results, saying:

“My view is that social media has not played a role. It was a decision made by a jury based on the evidence presented by both parties. And as Camille put it, it was irresistible for Mr. Depp. “

That’s great! Judges were asked not to hear anything about the case, with Elaine (and other Amber supporters) insisting that it was almost impossible for them to hear anything about the case outside the courtroom, given the viral sensitivity of the trial. . To Depp’s team, however, the high-profile nature of the case did not affect anything. They had a completely different plan of attack which they say worked wonders! According to Camille, the way they won the case was to get Amber to stand up against herself, she explained:

“What I focused on – what we focused on – was his words used against him during the interrogation, and it was very important to us that every question that was asked was tied to what he had said before. And I think the jury and the world have got to see and hear from Mrs. Herd in that relationship on every single issue. “

So basically, to call him a liar! Ben further emphasized that there was a “real discrepancy” in the way Johnny and Amber discussed the issues raised in their respective testimonies;

“Johnny owned a lot of things. And it seemed at times, and perhaps it came to the jury that he had an answer for everything and he was not taking responsibility for anything, and I think that made a difference. “

This is definitely an interesting point! After all, most Johnny supporters don’t think he’s a saint, they’re just interested in giving him a second chance.

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Vasquez also dismissed the notion that the victory was a step backwards for the #MeToo movement and women’s rights, saying:

“We encourage any victim to come forward. There is no gender in domestic violence. ”

He added:

“The information is what they were. The jury made a unanimous decision based on that information.”

Interestingly, lawyers embrace the idea that their client may be willing to settle with his ex-wife. Hard’s attorney insisted he could not pay the 8.35 million he owed (deducting the $ 2 million he won), GMA The host wondered if Johnny would leave her for payment if she refused to appeal. To this, Ben answers:

“We cannot disclose the attorney-client contact, but as Mr. Depp testified and we both made it clear in our respective conclusions, it was never about money for Mr. Depp. So, it was about restoring his reputation and he did it. “

Hmmm. It seems that amber can be on the table if you want! After all, he seems to be slowly but surely returning to fame – much more comfortably. Aquaman Hear more from the star legal team (below).

Think, fan reader? Do you believe that social media did not play a role in this ruling? Or is it better for them to say that they have won?

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