Jojo Siva condemns haters for firing SYTYCD instead of Mathews

Jojo Siva He stands on the ground – and reminds the world how good he is for his age!

As news of it Matthew MorrisonIts departure as a judge So, you think you can dance Headed this week, one Twitter Users took to the app to share their frustrations about their loss Cheers alum They complained:

“Sorry. I saw the headline ‘Judge Lives #sytycd’ and everyone was excited. Yes! itsjojosiwa was out! But, no. It was Matthew Morrison. Damn it! I thought he brought a Broadway perspective to the show. Maybe not an expert in dance, but in showmanship. Still won’t see. “

Negativity makes its way onto JoJo’s feed, and when it crosses its path, he can’t help but clap back!

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For starters, he just wondered why the hater felt the need to tweet in the first place, questioning:

“Why literally this tweet?”

A legitimate point especially since trolls don’t even want to see the dance competition series! If you don’t care about it, why not give it some time and energy ?! But then the 19-year-old explained in more detail why he deserves a seat on the judge’s table! The Nickelodeon Star Sharing:

“18 years of dance knowledge. 4 main dance TV shows. I have hired more than 1000 dancers. 16 dance music videos “

All right, Girl! Bring the receipts! Of course, he got his start Dance mom In recent years as a young child, he has come in second place Dance with the starsChoreographed and suggested rising stars in her series Siwas Dance Pop RevolutionCreate an appearance Masked singer, And literally creates an amir. So, she knows a thing or two about dancing!

Disappointed with the audience’s call to remove him as a judge, he concluded:

“It’s okay if you don’t like me … but if you think I don’t know how to dance, you’re just stupid.”

LOLz! E.M. To say!

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The Boomerang The singer’s heated exchange with a hater comes in handy SYTYCD As mentioned in the play, Matthew was removed as a judge on Friday after failing to follow “competitive production protocols.” A source said People The real reason Tuesday was that she felt “uncomfortable” after sending a “flirt” message to a female contestant on social media. Not to mention that he has a wife and child that he seems to have forgotten while sliding into those DMs.

So, while some fans don’t like the unexpected switch-up, we’ll say it’s a good thing he was removed from his power position if he’s going to use it that way! And if viewers don’t like what JoJo says The fox Series, maybe they shouldn’t be tuned ?! What do you think, Perezcious reader ??

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