Jordan Peterson accuses body-shams Yumi Nuke of “authoritarian tolerance”

If you’re not familiar with the infamous Jordan Peterson, you may need to update your “first date red flag” list.

The self-described “thinker” is a favorite figure in misogynistic circles, and is sometimes seen as a “gateway” to more deadly hatred.

This week, Sports illustrated Model Numi Yu’s cover photo debut.

Jordan Peterson called him unattractive, protested against “authoritarian tolerance” and, after a proper mockery, resigned from Twitter.

Yumi Nu

Sorry, we know this is too much to accept, so we’ll get through it as quickly and clearly as possible.

Yumi Nu is a model, and appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated.

Over the years, countless cover models have been liked by some but not by others. This is normal.

Jordan Peterson Tweet 01 Vs Yumi Nu

What is not normal is the use of conspiratorial theoretical language and acting in such a way that human beauty is a matter of innate truth, not personal taste.

“Sorry. Not pretty,” Peterson tweeted. “And no amount of authoritarian tolerance is going to change that.”

When Authoritarian tolerance An innately funny word, the infamous hack didn’t stop there.

Jordan Peterson Tweet 02 vs Yumi Nu

“It’s a conscious progressive attempt to distort and restore the concept of beauty,” he claims.

Peterson complains that it “relies on stupid philosophy that such choices are learned and modified properly by those who know better.”

In reality, of course, different people have different bodies and different tastes. Why would a mainstream magazine meet only one body type indefinitely?

Jordan Peterson Tweet 03 vs Yumi Nu

“Take away the anger, Pandaras,” Peterson declared, laughing with joy and hard work.

“And tell me you believe that such images are not consciously and cruelly manipulated by oh-so virtually politically correct,” he insisted.

For those who see certain people as “default” any other representation of existence is seen as “pending,” “PC,” “ok” or any buzzword is the best response from their corrupt echo chamber.

Jordan Peterson Tweet 04 vs Yumi Nu

“I recently blocked Twitter access for three weeks as a test. I had some staff post video links etc. It was a real relief,” Peterson claimed in another tweet.

“I started reading and writing more,” he continued. “A few days ago I started using it again, and I would say my life got worse again almost immediately.”

As quickly as the answers were mentioned, the world was worse after his return. Funny coincidence.

Jordan Peterson Tweet 05 vs Yumi Nu

Peterson complains, “The endless flood of evil insults is not really something that can be felt anywhere else.”

“I like to follow people I know,” he wrote, “but I think the platform’s stimulus structure makes it inherently and dangerously insane.”

There are a lot of vulnerable people with small accounts who face targeted harassment … but that doesn’t really describe Peterson’s situation.

Jordan Peterson Tweet 06 vs Yumi Nu

“So I told my staff to change my password, to protect me from temptation, and to leave again,” Peterson announced.

“I would write an article or make a video if I had anything to say,” he threatened.

“If the problem is not important enough to justify it,” Peterson concluded, “it would probably be better to let it go.” Grace.

Still Jordan Peterson

Some highlighted Jordan’s face when he noticed that he would not insult Yumi, but missed the point.

It would also be wrong for an attractive person to body-shave Yumi, and not just because body-shaming is harmful rubbish anyway.

Yumi is hot to some people. Emily Ratajkowski is hot to some people. Others are attracted to both, or are attracted to both. None of these are more “natural” than the other.

Yumi Nu on Instagram

In contrast to Peterson’s panic at not being able to find the alluring magazine cover in 2022, showing off different body types is a good business because it appeals to a wider audience.

Meanwhile, one of the highlights of all this is that there are thousands – if not millions – of people who have never looked at one another. Sports illustrated The cover was invented by Yumi.

Nothing aggregates the Internet like the complete removal of a corrupt person who believes himself to be an unknown sage.

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