Jordan Peterson left Twitter after being angrily-denigrated by everyone

Notorious internet weird Jordan Peterson body-shy model Yumi Nu after her glorious this week Sports illustrated Debut

Missouzini is nothing new to Peterson, who has defined her entire career as a so-called “thinker” against women’s rights, among other things.

This time around, his claim that “authoritarian tolerance” is trying to persuade people to find a gorgeous plus size model has ridiculed him appropriately.

Peterson found the hard-earned response too much, and issued a lengthy satire before leaving Rage-Twitter.

Jordan Peterson makes everything wrong
Yumi Nu on Instagram

I want to start with Yumi Nu, a drop-dead gorgeous model Sports illustrated Cover plus size and broke the barrier for Asian American models.

It should have been her and her alone.

The only downside to Peterson’s fit about not being personally aroused by him is that more people are aware of him … and of course, Peterson has left Twitter.

Yumi Nu

Different people have different tastes, so just as not everyone is personally attracted to Kendall Jenner, not everyone is personally attracted to Yumi Nu.

It’s just part of being a person. Someone is between the two, someone is not between the two, but it is only a matter of personal choice.

If not, of course, you’re prone to go wild about patriarchal mind control aimed at tricking people into popping bona fide models that you don’t see as “default.”

Jordan Peterson makes everything wrong

Unfortunately, this describes Jordan Peterson quite accurately.

The Red Pill Dudes, Insales, and almost any population that mourns for human rights because they consider her an “intellectual” as applicable to women (and others), all the evidence to the contrary.

This week, Peterson decides to body-shake Yumi, as if his personal tastes make his problem.

Jordan Peterson Tweet 01 Vs Yumi Nu

“Sorry. Not pretty,” Peterson tweeted insultingly. “And no amount of authoritarian tolerance is going to change that.”

When Authoritarian tolerance A ridiculous turn of the phrase, the underlying feeling is clear.

He believes that only certain body types are attractive – not to him, but universally – and there is a conspiracy to hypnotize public consciousness to believe otherwise.

Jordan Peterson Tweet 02 vs Yumi Nu

We’re not talking about Peterson. Unfortunately, many words have already come out of it on their own.

“This is a conscious progressive attempt to distort and restore the concept of beauty,” he stressed.

Peterson went on to claim that it was “based on idiot philosophy that such choices are learned and properly modified by those who know better.”

Jordan Peterson Tweet 03 vs Yumi Nu

“Get angry, panders,” Peterson spit in response to the reply and quote tweets thoroughly (and openly ridiculously).

“And tell me you believe that such images are not a conscious and reprehensible manipulation by oh-so-virtually politically correct,” he added.

Remember, bad guys think that anything beyond their personal experience is “Pending,” “PC,” “Uk” or any harmful buzzword using their echo chambers these days.

Jordan Peterson Tweet 04 vs Yumi Nu

“I recently blocked Twitter access for three weeks as a test. I had some staff post video links, etc. It was a real relief,” Peterson wrote.

“I started reading and writing more,” he boasted. “A few days ago I started using it again, and I would say my life got worse again almost immediately.”

Well, well, if this is not a direct consequence of his own meaningless hatred.

Jordan Peterson Tweet 05 vs Yumi Nu

“The endless flood of terrible humiliation is not really something that can be felt anywhere else,” Peterson insisted.

“I like to follow people I know,” he continued, “but I think the platform’s stimulating structure makes it inherently and dangerously insane.”

There are a lot of flaws in Twitter – and if Peterson’s fellow Dunning-Kruger instigator Elon Musk had his way, it would be even more so. But it seems to be Peterson’s own work.

Jordan Peterson Tweet 06 vs Yumi Nu

“So I told my staff to change my password, to protect me from temptation, and to leave again,” Peterson said.

“If I have something to say, I’ll write an article or make a video,” he added sarcastically.

“If the problem isn’t important enough to justify it,” Peterson explained, “then it probably would be better to let it go.” We want to see it.

Still Jordan Peterson

As we mentioned earlier when we reported on Jordan’s initial aggression against Yumi, some of his critics were misled by his appearance.

The truth of the matter is that even if he were the most handsome man alive, his tainted body-shame towards Yumi would be immoral and disgusting.

And, of course, allegations of his bizarre conspiracy theories Sports illustrated Playing some kind of MK Ultra Mind game to trap thirsty people will still be distorted and ridiculous.

Yumi Nu in the sunlight

Even some critics of Peterson were so eager to clown him (worthy) that they ostensibly ignored the body-shame.

It is notable that Peterson and his associate outspoken misogynist influencers did not thrive on the social front. Only Space where body-laming occurs.

Sports illustrated Trapping a different segment of thirsty customers is making the right business decision in the true sense of the word, but Peterson is not the only one who needs to examine how women view their bodies.

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