Josh Dugar deserves at least 20 years in prison, the prosecution argued

And now, a word from the other side.

On May 11, as previously detailed in the Hollywood Gossip, Josh Dugar’s defense team filed a punitive memorandum in the Western District of Arkansas Federal Court in Fayetteville.

The lawyers argued that Dugar was only eligible to serve five years in prison – after pleading guilty to two counts of child sexual abuse in December – because he was a “dedicated family man” without any previous criminal record.

Josh Duggar mug shot

On the same date, meanwhile, prosecutors released them in the same case Own Punishment memorandum.

The bottom line of the document states that Duggar should be sentenced to a minimum of 20 years in prisonA list of the crimes for which Josh was convicted is being opened:

  • Download and view child pornography over a four-day period.
  • Uses a “hidden partition on his work computer”.
  • Using “BitTorrent Peer-to-Peer File-Sharing Client”.

The memo states that “the conduct established in the trial supports the application of all competing extensions and establishes that the offense involves 600 or more images, guaranteeing a five-level extension application.”

Josh Dugar close up

Dugar, as you probably know by now, has downloaded many sexually explicit images and videos of children under the age of 12 on his work computer.

According to federal agents who raided his office, some of these photos and videos were the worst material the authorities saw on the job.

One, for example, featured an 18-month-old rapist.

There are really no words to try to answer such a question, you know?

Josh Dugar throwback

Prosecution filing cited Dugar’s “sexual abuse before multiple minors,” as Dugar molested his own sisters as a teenager.

It describes Duggar’s extraordinary efforts to obtain and view materials for child sexual abuse (CSAM), the nature of the CSAM he received and saw, his attempts to conceal his criminal conduct, and his refusal to accept or accept responsibility for anything. . “

Elsewhere, lawyers called Duggar a “very intelligent computer user.”

They responded to the defense’s claim that Josh was somehow ignorant of the matter and that he had not “distributed” any of the disgusting material he had downloaded.

Anna, Josh Dugar pictures together

The memorandum emphasized the need for severe punishment for the kind of videos that Josh stored on his computer and how they “portrayed tragic or indecent behavior or other images of violence”.

Relatedly, prosecutors are seeking an extension for “involvement in a pattern of activity involving the sexual abuse of minors,” citing Dugar’s “recurrence of child molestation” which was detailed through the testimony of family friend Bobby Holt during the trial.

The filing also cites comments made by defendant’s father, Jim Bob Dugar, at a pre-trial hearing.

As is often the case in trials, these attorneys have also cited precedents in their filings, raising similar cases and providing added penalties for other convicted pedophiles.

Josh Dugar in a game

Dougar ran the memo explaining the “great length” for downloading these photos / photos and “simultaneously hiding and therefore prolonging the ability to engage in this behavior” to prevent the Covenant Eyes Liability software on his computer.

The memo mentions:

He went through the process of downloading, installing and password-protecting this partitionIdentification should be avoided. Dugar, probably more than any other person presented in this court, was willing to go through the whole ordeal of obtaining CSAM without identification.

Duggar’s criminal activity was also intentional and specific.

Josh Dugar looks happy

Repeatedly, the document highlights Josh’s history of debauchery.

It says such past behavior “provides a worrying window into the extent of her sexual interest in children.”

“There’s a deep-seated, pervasive and violent sexual interest in Dugar children,” the motion reads.

“And the desire to work in that interest.”

Anna and Josh Dugar and Baby

One of the more annoying parts of the 30-page filing included a quote from the parents of one of the girls depicted in the prosecution’s illegal content.

The mother noted that her daughter had “become a worried and anxious shadow of her former soul” after being sexually abused.

For all these reasons, the prosecution argues, the judge must impose a “punishment to reflect the seriousness of the crime”:

Dugar is “a criminal who has a history of sexual abuse of minors, who has not received any treatment or therapy for this behavior, who is less likely to participate meaningfully in treatment or therapy for this behavior and who denies any responsibility for his past or present crime.” It’s going on. “

Josh Dugar is the worst

Duggar will be sentenced on May 25.

The prosecution wrote at the end of its memo:

There is no indication that Dugar will ever take the necessary steps to change this pattern of behavior and address his propensity for underage women.

In light of this situation, this court should be especially aware of the fact that Dugar re-offends after his release from prison and the key to his re-criminal conduct.

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