Josh Dugar is not allowed to be alone with his children after prison!

More details about what the afterlife will be like Josh Duggar Published.

As you know, the former reality star was convicted in December 2021 of accepting and possessing child pornography. Since the possession charge was dropped on May 25, he was sentenced to just 151 months in prison instead of the maximum 20 years in prison. Josh was also ordered to pay a 50,000 fine. And while he was only sentenced to more than 12 years in prison, there were still some strict conditions after his release.

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As we have previously reported, part of his sentence prohibits him from accessing or viewing any form of pornography, as well as prohibiting him from using the Internet without the permission of his probation officer. In addition, it was reported that after her release she would have to follow other orders, including taking part in sex therapy and submitting a false identification test whenever asked.

But these are not the only requirements.

Josh will not be able to spend time alone with his own children once he is released from prison. According to court documents TMZ Friday, 19 children and counting Alum will not be given any careless time with minors in his full 20-year test. That means all of her seven children- McKinsey12, Michael10, Marcus8, Meredith6, Mason4, Mariella3, and Madison6 months – He will not be allowed to visit unless his wife supervises the visit Bring DuggarHis parents Jim Bob Duger And Michelle DugarOr another adult approved by the U.S. Probation Office.

As judges we are not really surprised by this order Timothy L. Brooks It was said during the sentencing hearing that his crimes were indeed “the sickest of the sick.”

But internally enough, it seems Josh’s attorney only objected to the pornography ban and the polygraph test. Yes, you are right. Child porn offenders were still more concerned about being able to watch porn. It’s a serious ** cad up, but we guess we shouldn’t be shocked by this move because this same person had access to humility in his sentencing and only requested five years imprisonment. Judge Brooks dismissed the objection at that time.

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[Image via Washington County Sheriff’s Office, Anna Duggar/Instagram]

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