Josh Dugar pleads guilty: Can he actually be released from prison?

After more than six months of waiting, we are only a week away from Josh Dugar’s sentencing hearing.

The bet can’t be more for Josh, who faces 20 years behind bars.

After a lifetime of abusive and predatory behavior, Josh was convicted in December of accepting and possessing child pornography.

Because their letters to the judge reflected on Josh’s part, the Dugars still believe their eldest son is innocent.

Photo by Josh Duggar

Despite the overwhelming evidence to the contrary, Josh insisted he had done nothing wrong and was the victim of a generous conspiracy to tarnish his family’s reputation.

And so Josh will appeal his conviction and his request for a second trial will probably begin sometime this year.

It would be difficult for defense attorneys to prove that Josh was leaked by the Biden administration because his wife, Anna Dugar, believed him.

Josh Dugar and Anna Dugar

But will he be able to convince a jury that he has been wrongly convicted because of his reputation and the prejudices he has caused in previous crimes?

Well, believe it or not, it’s possible.

But fortunately, Josh is fighting an ups and downs.

“I guess there will be an appeal,” former U.S. Attorney David Hass told In Touch in a recent interview.

Young Josh Duggar

“However, the specific issues raised on the appeal will take time to be heard. The trial court has already heard these issues so a successful appeal can be difficult. “

So yes, despite the appeal, Josh will be forced into the sentence that will be handed down at his hearing on May 25th.

“Federal sentencing guidelines will suggest a range of advisory punishments,” Hus explained to Touch.

Josh Dugar is the worst

“In most cases, the guideline range will be less than the maximum penalty – in this case, less than 40 years.”

Don’t get too excited – Josh has been sentenced to a maximum of 20 years in each of the two charges he was convicted of, but according to federal sentencing guidelines, he can only be convicted of one.

The sentencing hearing was originally scheduled for April, but Josh’s lawyers requested that it be adjourned for “about 30 days” in order to “pursue additional information and documentation.”

Photo by Joshua Dugar

Attorneys have complained that this has become “more difficult” for Duggar.[schedule] Meetings are “” due to some reasonable COVID-19 precautions established in the factory. “

The judge allowed the adjournment, but now, Josh’s day of reckoning is almost at hand.

In addition to the length of Josh’s sentence, the judge will determine where the disgraced former reality star will serve his sentence.

Josh Dugar is a bad dad

Since Josh was convicted in federal court, he could technically be sent to any federal facility in the country, but the situation is likely to be kept close to home to make it easier for his wife and seven children to meet.

It will be interesting to see which members of the Duggar family attend the sentencing hearing.

Although Josh’s wife and mother wrote letters to the judge on his behalf, there is reason to believe that at least some of Josh’s siblings want him to receive the maximum punishment.

Josh Dugar looks happy

Prosecutors are recommending 20 years in prison, while the defense wants Josh to serve only five years in prison.

We will have more updates on this evolving story as new information becomes available.

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