Josh Dugar: Prohibited from the Internet, spending time alone with children

Josh Dugar was sentenced to 151 months in federal prison this week.

For a very understandable reason, this has attracted national attention since the advent of the regime behind the impending jail.

But Duggar’s punishment – for illegally downloading sex graphic content for children under 12 – is actually much higher.

As documented by our friends in The Ashley’s Reality Roundup, Dugar will be on trial for 20 years Later He has been released … and the conditions of this test are both strict and strict.

Josh Duggar mug shot

For starters, based on documents obtained by Ashley in the wake of Dugar’s sentencing on Wednesday, Josh is forbidden to spend time alone With children.

Yes, this includes its own.

For the two decades since his imprisonment, Josh cannot be held in custody with anyone under the age of 18.

In this case, Judge Josh made no exception for his own sons and daughters, as Dugar had previously confessed to molesting his sisters.

The Dugars are celebrating Christmas

If Duggar is unsure whether the juvenile will be present wherever he wants to go, he must ask his probation officer before leaving.

“If there is a concern about the possibility of inadvertent contact with a minor at a specific place, event or event, the defendant must obtain approval from the U.S. Probation Office before attending such place, event or event,” the order said. States

It also seems prudent to determine if this probation officer can act as Josh’s supervisor.

Anna and Josh take selfies

Elsewhere, Josh has been banned from viewing any type of adult entertainment.

At the hearing, his defense team objected to the condition, Ashley reported, but the objection was dismissed.

Dugar is also prohibited from using any device, including the Internet.

Josh may ask for an exception if he needs such a device for work – but, even then, it can only be owned by his employer; Used in his work premises; And he must allow the US Probation Office to install “Internet-monitoring software” on this device.

Josh must pay for the software and agree that the device can be searched at any time.

Anniversary photos of Josh and Anna

At the request of the Duggar Probation Officer, Josh must submit to a random polygraph test “To ensure that he is complying with the requirements of his care or treatment program.”

He will have to pay a 50,000 fine.

A payment schedule can be arranged, but the full amount must be paid one month before release from prison.

Josh Dugar close up

“The Defendant must participate in a sex offender-specific treatment program“Also read these papers.

“Defendant must pay for the program if he is financially capable.”

Josh can be searched at any time.

This applies to his “residence, place of work, vehicle, documents, computer, other electronic communication or data storage device or media, and effects” unless the probation officer suspects that Dugar has violated any conditions. Out here

Josh Dugar in a game

Dugar cannot use marijuana or get a medical marijuana card.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

“Defendant will not purchase, own, use, distribute, or administer marijuana or receive or be entitled to a medical marijuana card or prescription.

“If the defendant currently holds a medical marijuana card, he or she will return it to the probation office immediately.”

Josh Dugar looks happy

Dugar will soon be taken to a federal facility in Texas to begin serving his time.

Even with good behavior, he has to spend at least 85 percent of his sentence behind bars, which is up to 10 years and six months.

His lawyers are planning to appeal.

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