Josh Dugar: Threatened and abused by fellow inmates awaiting sentencing,

When Josh Dugar was convicted of accepting and possessing child pornography in December last year, the disgraced former reality star was immediately acquitted and taken to a county jail in Fayetteville, Arkansas, where he has been since.

Josh’s sentencing hearing was originally scheduled for April, but his lawyers managed to adjourn it until May 25.

For security reasons, Josh has been held in solitary confinement since the day he was convicted.

But it seems that even a guard prison is not enough to protect the 34-year-old from millions of critics who are justifiably annoyed by his predatory behavior.

Josh Dugar's post-conviction mug shot

As we mentioned earlier, Josh’s family and friends wrote a letter to the judge requesting a milder sentence.

Some of these letters have printed it, and one of them gives a glimpse of Josh’s life behind prison walls.

Nicole Baras is a friend of the Dugars who made a long plea for Josh.

In his letter, Baras recalls a story he heard from Josh’s wife, Anna, detailing a disturbing phone call he received from prison.

Anna Dugar and Josh Dugar throwback pictures

According to Baras, Josh “shared devastatingly that there was a man who was verbally threatening and abusing him as he passed his cell in solitary confinement.”

Josh tells Anna that he was “discouraged” by the fellow prisoner, but he mentions that the man “went to her to apologize.”

Now, Josh Dugar is one of the worst people to breathe right now, but for some reason, people around him continue to believe every ridiculous lie that comes out of his mouth.

Photo by Josh Duggar

As proof of this, look no further than Bruce offered the following account in his letter, apparently it is not suspected to be a complete BS:

“This hardened criminal said that he and the others knew that Joshua was innocent. As prisoners, they confessed that sometimes innocent men are in prison and they were so stunned by Joshua’s character that they were convinced of his innocence.

“When Joshua was first imprisoned, he shared a house with a man who had ruined his life and needed hope. Joshua shared the good news of Jesus’ death with her and told her about becoming a Christian: a new creation.

Josh D.

“The man converted and his life changed dramatically. When he was released from prison, his wife commented that he had been praying for her for years, and that he was surprised to see a completely different person because of what Josh had shared.

“He stopped drinking. He was involved with the church. He was at peace.

“The man left Covid just 6 weeks later, but his family was given the knowledge that they would see him again one day in heaven, and that was because of Joshua.

Photo by Joshua Dugar

“Joshua was talking to her captive husband that week, and he connected this woman with Anna and our church, even from her prison. Josh cares for others, even when locked up, even when everything is taken away. ”

Yes, Josh is a good friend who applauds everyone in the prison cafeteria when he walks by, even though he has been convicted of viewing child pornography, horrifying that a detective has been called “the worst.” [he’s] Never seen. “

And the cellmate that was converted by Josh died a few weeks ago, so don’t look for him to prove it!

Josh and Anna Dugar get fancy

So yeah, either Josh is lying to his loved ones, or they’re lying to him – anyway, BS is flying fast and furious!

“Josh now spends his days in prison leading Bible studies of men, twice a day, and one night prayer call with many other inmates,” Nicole’s husband, Timothy Baras, wrote to the judge.

“I have been talking to him since he was taken prisoner. His current behavior, of course, represents the character of the person I know as a friend, “continued Timothy.

Josh Dugar is the worst

“He is a father of 7 children, a loving husband, a farewell friend to all, an outspoken Christian, a person who is always willing to help others and extend a second chance and purposeful life for them, even if it means spending everything on him.”

“Please be sympathetic to Joshua Dugar as you determine your sentence.”

Fortunately, Judge Josh also received input from victims and their families.

Josh and Anna Dugar and Fam

The guardian wrote, “I can’t find any words to express my resentment towards the participants in this evil deed or any attempt to reduce my guilt by weakly claiming that the crime was ‘torture’.”

“My daughter is a real human being. She was horribly victimized for providing this source of ‘entertainment.’

The statement ended with the victim’s own remarks, which read:

Josh Dugar is a bad dad

“Don’t you know that shouldn’t be done to a little girl?” Don’t you know it hurts! ”

Josh could face up to 20 years in prison, but legal experts say he is unlikely to receive the maximum sentence.

Still, we hope that this monster will not be a free man until 2042.

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