Josh Dugar’s relatives will not be rehabilitated by enabling the prosecution

We are only a few days away from Josh Dugar’s sentencing hearing.

The prosecution, like most of the moral world, is asking to get a maximum of 20 years in this dangerous crawl.

Meanwhile, Josh’s closest relatives, including his mother and his wife, are urging the court to release him with a five-year sentence.

Although “5 years” is a phrase that probably pierces Josh’s ears, the prosecution is exploding his sympathizers.

Photo by Joshua Dugar

Josh Dugar has been convicted of taking and possessing child sexual abuse material known as CSAM.

It is important to emphasize this, because after the case has been so thoroughly proven in court, his guilt is not in question.

The court must now decide whether Josh must move into a family of children within a few years, or remain securely locked up as long as the law allows.

Josh Dugar, black / white

With the sentencing hearing set for May 25, Josh’s party is seeking just five years.

His wife, who has been so desperately brainwashed that she sees no way out in front of him without boundless devotion to him, wrote a letter to the judge asking for humility.

Josh’s mother, Michelle, who is at least partially responsible for raising him in a religion and for what reason, said the same thing in a letter of her own.

Brought out of court and Josh

This week, the prosecution responded to this ridiculous request, claiming in letters and writing to those who targeted nutjobs.

He asserted that his confession had been obtained through torture[s]” Prosecutors noted, according to The sun.

“And this will enable her to work harder to make the most of the rest of her life and to ensure that her children’s lives are affected as little as possible” by her trafficking to CSAM, “they continued.

Anna Dugar and Josh Dugar throwback pictures

As we reported earlier, Josh’s longtime supporters blamed his heinous crime on the “challenge” that followed his real TV reputation.

The prosecution, however, said that these frivolous excuses “only underscore the appropriateness of the government’s sentencing recommendation.”

Prosecutors argue that: “In fact, his supportive family and public face and privileged lifestyle make his criminal behavior even more surprising.”

Josh Dugar at Christmas

“Despite gaining some level of fame through reality television as an adult,” the prosecution noted.

The response continued: “He is better known for his behavior outside of his family’s ceremonies at this time.”

The prosecution noted that this included “his sexual immorality and criminal sexual conduct.”

Josh Dugar's post-conviction mug shot

The prosecution couldn’t help but notice (like the rest of us) that all these annoying characters ignored the nature of Josh’s crime by begging for generosity around or flat-out.

They also found no trace of her past history of personally molesting young girls, which the prosecution described as her “sexual orientation to pre-pubescent girls.”

Prosecutors argue that it is unlikely that Josh could find accountability or supportive treatment from a family that could not even discuss his crime – something that must have happened in the past.

Josh D.

“In fact, after his release from prison, he had to deal with some people he wanted to surround himself with, given the apparent success of his conviction tactics,” the prosecution noted.

“It’s not just impossible – it’s unimaginable,” the legal response continued, saying Josh would be rehabilitated and prevented from committing the crime again.

The prosecution acknowledged that Josh’s sentence would “undoubtedly be reflected in his immediate and extended family” but that this is almost always the case – and in this rare instance, perhaps a good thing.

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