Julia Fox explodes to save Alexander Wang after defending Amber

Julia Fox Still heading after his breakup from Connie West – But this time, for all the wrong reasons!

The ICYMI, 32-year-old actress raised eyebrows on social media earlier this week when she spoke out about the ongoing defamation lawsuit. Amber Hard And Johnny Depp One has been deleted Instagram The Post claims that Amber “never had the ability to offend him in a relationship.” He then went on to say:

“Did he hurt her? Yeah. It was abusive? No. You need to have the ability to abuse it. He was 25. He was obviously always much stronger, both physically and financially.”

Surprisingly, Julia faced a lot of reaction for her comments. Not only was she out of the mark (abuse of power and abuse can be two different things), as both partners in a relationship can be abusive to each other, but more specifically, social media users quickly called her to be a hypocrite while still defending Amber. For Alexander Wang And constantly wearing her pieces – the designer despite multiple sexual assault allegations against her. One person tweeted:

“Julia Fox has a lot to say about Amber Hard and Johnny Depp, but continues to support Alexander Wang …….. so weird.”

Posting Pictures From a recent grocery store outing where Julia wore lingerie designed by Alexander, someone else mentioned:

“I love Julia Fox but being the victim of Amber Hard being abused for a week and then wearing Alexander Wang next time, the height of hypocrisy emo.”

A third social media user said:

“Julia Fox shouldn’t talk about abuse when she’s walking Alexander Wang Mfao, please Stuffu”

But it does not seem so Uncut gems The star is letting the debate get to him. She later shared a meme of the outfit, joking about the look of her underwear on Instagram Store and wrote:

“I just think it should be the same everywhere if it’s socially acceptable on the beach.”

Well, we can’t really say that we’re not surprised that this was his reaction to the condemnation of his continued support for Alexander. This is the same person who saved Kanye for his annoying behavior Kim Kardashian, Pete Davidson, And at one point many other celebrities on social media, even said it was just his “artistic creative expression”. And bigger than that, he never actually called out his hatred and instead constantly praised her even when they were together! So is anyone really shocked that he is defending Amber while still seeing sporting from an alleged abuser? Julia didn’t really want to chat here …

What are your thoughts on her acceptance and response, Perezcious reader? The following comments are harmful).

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