June Shannon boasts about 8 months of orgasm with boyfriend Justin Stroud

Repeatedly, June Shannon defended her boyfriend Justin Stroud.

He says he is not behind fame or fortune, does not pose a threat to his peace and claims that he No idea Who was he when they met?

Now, Grandma is getting NSFW while boasting about her romance with the little guy

Eight months into the thing with Justin, she boasts of laughter, love and orgasm.

June Shannon TikTok You think you can handle it

“Yeah, this is one of her first and her favorite #tiktoks,” June captioned a video we included, after she shared it on Instagram.

Tagging Justin, he wrote: “@ officialsmallz1 had no idea what he was going through.”

“And,” June announced, “it was honestly the best 8 months of my life.”

June Shannon and Justin Stroud on the plane

June tags include: “#tiktok #crazy #truelove #mamajune #happinesss #myforever”

In the video, Jun Lipsync: “Imagine dating me and then boom! Your life is full of laughter, excitement and unconditional love. “

Above the video, he captioned it: “You think you can handle it.”

Justin Stroud displays the Confederate flag

Fans have been watching with different levels of concern since June and Justin was the first to hook up.

In the history of his own addiction, from the deeply troubled past of June, there are legitimate reasons to be concerned, with Justin standing next to a notorious hate symbol.

And this season Mama June: The Road to RedemptionWe’ll see what the reality of their romance is for themselves.

Mama June Photograph

“He understands what I’ve done,” he shared in an earlier interview with June In touch weekly.

“Like, he knows everything, and I’ve been able to share some parts of my life that I’ve never been able to share with anyone,” he continued.

June added: “He knows what’s going on in my past.”

Justin Stroud Bad Selfie

“She knows what happened, what is happening now. And she’s like, ‘OK, I’ll love you through this,'” June reported.

He celebrated that he and Justin could only “be fools together.”

June admits that Justin “likes fat girls,” but adds that he supports her in her weight loss journey.

June Shannon is happy with her makeover

June also gave a standing ovation to worried fans who thought he was taking advantage of her.

He is not a “clout-chaser”, he insisted, noting that he turned down producers when they originally wanted to offer him reality TV stardom.

Only time will tell how accurate June’s assessment of her ambitions may be, but it seems plausible – not everyone wants to be famous.

June Shannon IG Justin Stroud Tattoo Show

Justin didn’t even know that June was their first meeting.

On the one hand, it’s a tough pill to swallow, because June has been a public figure for more than a decade.

At the same time, however, we all feel the same world very differently. What may seem like “basic knowledge” to a person may not be what it used to be, especially when it comes to pop culture.

Mama June: Road to Redemption Scene

June further stressed that Justin is not trying to shy away from his renewed reality TV success.

While he may enjoy relative financial security and reputation (far from his pre-addiction spiral net worth), Justin is no exception.

Jun says he actually moved in with her, not otherwise, when they first shook together. Huh.

June Shannon in 2022

For “Orgasm,” June might be proud, but she’s lip-syncing to someone else’s audio.

TikTok is a nightmare app that is often used so that children can spread misinformation to each other, but sometimes it is used for silly beautiful posts like June.

We, oh, happy for her and Justin for their eight months … we guess.

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