June Shannon married Justin Stroud after dating for several months

Mama Jun Shannon has just become wife Jun Shannon.

Shock to most social media followers.

According to The Sun, In Touch Weekly and other outlets, the veteran reality star actually took the oath of office on March 23, 2022, with supposedly shadowy boyfriend Justin Stroud.

The couple had been together for about eight months, during which time Shannon brought orgasms to many occasions by his younger wife.

Mama June Shannon and Justin Stroud

A clerk confirmed to The Sun this afternoon that Shannon and Stroud tied the knot in Georgia court shortly after the calendar was reversed this spring.

The couple – who appeared publicly on TikTok in October – were rumored to be engaged when they shopped for a ring together at a jewelry store in Alabama, as it turned out, they went and made things official.

“We’ve known each other for over a year now. We’ve been best friends and in the last eight months we’ve decided to take it to the next level,” June told The Sun earlier, adding:

“It’s amazing … he helped put the pieces back together.”

Justin Stroud and wife

Shannon is making a subtle mention of her many years dating Zeno Doc there.

He and his then-girlfriend were arrested in March 2019 for possession of drugs, Shannon later admitted at one point that he had spent $ 1 million on drugs with Doc in just one year.

June and Zeno broke up about a year ago.

Not too long after, she went public with Stroud, who has since been believed by many to be simply chasing influence by dating a reality star.

Mama June: Road to Redemption Scene

June told Entertainment Weekly a few weeks ago, “We’ve just started chatting, and I’m starting to chase him.” She Who chased Stroud Nearby.

Stroud is 34 years old and works as a mechanic.

He was a native of Alabama and once posed for a photo in front of the Confederate flag, you can see below:

Justin Stroud displays the Confederate flag

But no matter, Shannon often talks about her now-husband!

“Justin is an amazing person and he understands everything I’m taking,” Shannon added to The Sun a while ago.

“I’ve been able to share with her things I’ve never been able to share with other people – not even my kids and so it’s really nice to have this partnership.”

Mama June Photograph

Justin Shannon was arrested on an outstanding warrant in Florida in February while attending an event.

The warrant was issued in October after Stroud violated his probation on drug and theft charges.

Her wedding in June, meanwhile, comes amid some exciting times for the Shannon family as a whole.

We just learned today that Lorraine “Pumpkin” Ifard, June’s eldest daughter, gave birth to twins on Thursday, May 19th.

What a thrill all around!

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