June Shannon Zeno Doc, “Train Wreck” hid for three weeks after life ditching

Building Hype A few weeks later, the new season Mama June: The Road to Redemption Premiered on Friday.

While most of the focus was on Lorraine “Pumpkin” Shannon’s new baby, June Shannon had her own story to tell.

Deep down, he knew he had to move on from his toxic – and worse – relationship with Zeno Doc.

After backing out from multiple occasions, June disappears for the week … only hiding from his ex and resurfacing in another state.

June Shannon After Going Ghost

At the start of the season’s premiere, June called Shannon Lorraine to speak.

He claimed that Zeno was no longer calm, and described the disturbing behavior from him.

Jun even said that he was afraid of being caught talking to Zeno, just for fear of verbal abuse from him for staying on the phone.

Mama June: Road to Redemption Picture

It is clear he was eager to leave her but was afraid, but admitted that the situation was “getting out of control.”

June knew she needed help.

However, he shared that his plan was to sever ties with Zeno in court – a safe environment – when the judge was expected to sentence Zeno to prison, basically doing the breakup for him.

Mama June: Road to Redemption Scene

Zeno’s sentence has been suspended, meaning Jun will not get the “easy out” he hoped for.

Instead, he explained to them that he felt it would be safer for him and them if he severed ties with Zeno.

Her hint was that she was unsure of what she would do if Zeno severed ties with her. That’s scary. And staying with him is never the answer.

Zeno Doyak on TV

The situation worsened when June disappeared from the face of the planet.

She was completely absent – not even calling – when Lorraine gave birth to her first grandson, Bentley.

Production was not stopped for three weeks from June. Then, he reached out.

June Shannon 02's 01 card has disappeared

The producers came to meet June at a remote hotel in Alabama.

“There’s a lot going on behind closed doors that a lot of people don’t know,” June vaguely described.

“My life has been turned upside down …” he lamented. “I’m just tired of lying and hiding and I decided to call you.”

June 02 of Shannon 02's card has disappeared

June continued her interview inside the Alabama hotel room, speaking directly to the producers on camera.

“Zeno has no idea where I am and I’d like you not to tell him,” he said, and was assured that his whereabouts would be kept secret.

“He went to sleep, got drunk and I packed a bag, I left, I got an Uber,” June shared.

June Shannon is happy with her makeover

“I’ve tried it a few times before and I’ve pulled myself out of it,” June admitted.

He explained: “A few nights ago, it was just some extra push.”

June said: “I should have released him on the last court date, but I didn’t. Alcohol got worse, verbal abuse …”

June Shannon: A picture

“I was ruining myself mentally, emotionally, having to think about my restraint,” Jun said in detail.

He explained: “Satan said right here, ‘You know you don’t have to use these feelings if you use them, you don’t have to feel these feelings if you get cocaine.’

June admitted that this was the first time she had moved away from “an abusive relationship.”

Mama June Photograph

June admitted that he did not necessarily break up with Zeno.

Instead, he warned that the truth “could upset some people.” He described his life as a “train wreck.”

The episode ends with a teaser, June has something to say to viewers … but what? We’ll find out on Friday.

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