Just before Kardashian boasted of Tristan Thompson’s ‘very loyal’ vibe

Khalo Kardashian Its new episode is opening up a bit more about her family situation Kardashians!

The 37-year-old reality TV star got real about her baby’s father Tristan Thompson Thursday during the new episode of the streaming show Hulu. And when this special episode was filmed Before In Tristan’s jaw-dropping scandal where she tragically gives birth to a child Marali NicholsWe are still surprised to hear something Revenge Body Throughout the host’s comments!

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In the new episode, Khloé and Tristan have an honest discussion about co-raising their 4-year-old daughter True Thompson. The former couple has been working together for 7 years Kim KardashianThe 31-year-old basketball star explained that he would “never leave” his family.

Obviously, raising two children together makes a lot of sense. Even Later Marali Nichols thing has come out !! In a confession, Kholo spoke of his family as “very loyal, strong.”

He then added in a separate comment:

“Tristan is very protective of his family. He doesn’t like people talking about any of us and it’s really nice and how everyone should be. “


But still … what happened next … ?? That’s what I’m asking!

Nonetheless, the former Late Night Radio DJ is clearly optimistic about the possibility of giving the truth to the world when it comes to the involvement of both parents. And she has a great pair of role models from her own first life: her mother Chris JennerAnd his late father Robert Kardashian Sr..!

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Explain how to like Scott Disc And Connie West After being separated from Khloé’s two sisters, KarJenner will be part of the family forever, reality TV veteran Tristan explains:

“We are great co-parents, we are great for mixing families, we learned it from our mother and my father. Mom and Dad were best friends, Dad and Honest Dad played golf together once a week, Scott was never leaving, Kanye was never leaving, it seemed like you would never leave. “

Thinking quickly, Thompson fired back:

“I wish you wouldn’t leave me.”


Again, this convoy was taped before all the news of Marali Nichols came out. So it’s sad to see all of this go down in the near future, knowing what’s going to happen to the disrupted ex-fire নয় not great, Tristan!

But on the other hand, we certainly love to be mature and responsible for True’s sake, and to maintain a healthy and mature relationship! Khloé 1000% correct that “never give up” aspect!

Feedback, fan reader ??

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