Kalani Fagata and Asuelu Pula are still married: is she stuck with him?

One last month 90 day engagementIts most apparently unhappy couples have hinted at the announcement of divorce.

Kalni Fagata and Asuelu Pula have been fighting for years.

In recent months, things have gotten worse, with Asuelu blocking his wife on social media.

But no divorce was announced. And some fans fear that Kalni is easy Stuck With Asuelu.

Asuel Pula and Kalani Fagata in the 90 Day Diary

Earlier this year, 90 day diary Caught with Kalni and Asuelu.

Their shared grief was engraved on their faces, clear in their voices.

Their animosity is also evident on social media, how can they survive as a couple in the world?

Kalani Fagata talks to the camera

That episode aired a few months ago. It was shot a few months ago.

It has been a long time since some of them showed signs of others on their social media pages

If we didn’t see them living together, that would be a clear sign of separation – nothing, but Strong Hint

90 days Kalni Fagata and Asuelu Pula: Bares all

This is not the first rough patch of their wedding, which some would mark as a long string of rough patches.

Kalni has repeatedly expressed his frustration with Asuelu’s childishness and lack of responsibility.

Asuelu does not like that Kalani has his own opinions, and tries to use his culture to persuade him to adopt a submissive mentality.

Kalni Fagata is looking for a gift

Over the years, Asuelu Kalani and some of his family members have been insulted and abused.

Although his father, Lo Fagata, is keen to keep things right, Asuelu seems to be struggling to respect women who are not his own mothers.

He insulted (and blocked) Kalani’s sister Kalini, and even occasionally insulted Kalani’s mother.

Kalni Fagata and Asuelu Pula for season 6

One of the couple’s arguments is about having more children – Asuelu wants more, Kalani doesn’t want.

Asuelu occasionally expressed frustration that Kalani got a statement in it.

She wants to be further away from her family … However, with more children, it is not clear how she imagined the funding would work.

Kalani Fagatar seems to have Satan at his doorstep

In May, Kalani said he would clarify something about his relationship at the end of the month.

The end of May came. We are in the second week of June without any divorce announcement.

Maybe an NDA came into the game, or maybe he expected a trailer drop that wouldn’t come down later this month. We do not know.

Kalani Fagata confirmed that it is difficult to do anything while watching the children

But a growing number of fans fear that Kalni will be stuck in her husband’s buttocks for the rest of her days.

Or, at least, for a few years.

(Don’t get us wrong, as always when a 90 day engagement The star is a woman, there is a part of the phantom that hates her, but she is usually admired)

Kalani Fagata cried at the thought of losing Asuelu

Despite Asuelu’s conflict with Kalani’s family, the same family could be a big part of their reason for staying together.

Although his father has many good qualities, Lowe makes it clear that he “doesn’t believe” in divorce, because he sees it as “abandonment.”

(In real life, giving up something that makes you sad is often a good idea – especially when it’s hard to say what reward awaits Kalani if ​​he makes it difficult)

Kalani Fagata talks to Asuel Pula

Between family pressures and potential financial incentives, Kalani may think that divorce will be worse.

Asuelu’s mother, Lesina, is not very famous for “caring for children,” but divorcing Asuelu could lead to a custody war.

Without the unwavering support of his family, Kalani could never have worked to free himself from Aseluru. Will Asuelu magically be a good husband one day? Maybe better?

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