Kanye West burns through a fourth divorce attorney

At some level, even Kanye West realizes he’s sick. But in many ways, he is still exactly the person he thinks he is to the public.

More than a year after Kim Kardashian filed for her divorce, their “conscious reunion” is still going on in court.

Kanye’s fight is not just with his ex. The world has seen the self-described “talent” go through a divorce attorney and then go away.

Now, you’re divorced Fourth Divorce Attorney. Um … what a fascinating fifth time?

Kanye West in thought

Explosion Reports that Kanye West is no longer working with Samantha Specter.

A fourth lawyer has filed documents to withdraw his representation, in order to take his case.

Although Specter explicitly avoided, = the documents listed “an unresolved breach of the attorney-client relationship” as the cause.

Connie West Spin Conspiracy Theory

Kanye being an out-of-state attorney taking the reins on a temporary basis.

This attorney, who already works for her, is from Pennsylvania and is not actually a divorce expert.

But when it comes to filing “simple” legal documents and holding the castle until a new high-powered divorce attorney is selected, any competent lawyer will do it.

Yay A Fight

Before falling victim to a professional attorney-client relationship with Kanye, Specter Dr. Nicole represented Young during her divorce from Drew.

Specter only accepted Kani’s case in March.

One wonders what could be the cause of the complete breakdown of the attorney-client relationship in the space of two months.

Kanye becomes silent

Before Specter arrived, Kanye was represented by Chris Melcher.

However, Yeh shot Melcher.

Clearly, the attorney-client relationship “became extremely difficult, with little communication.”

Connie West puts on a laugh

It’s not hard to imagine how in a matter of weeks a high-powered attorney could be released from “ready to work hard for a well-publicized divorce from a well-paid client.”

There is a long history of making irrational statements in interviews and making emotional decisions with little thought to the consequences.

This can make her difficult when it comes to creative collaboration, difficult in marriage and difficult to represent in the court of law.

Yeh image

Some have speculated that Kanye is undecided, or perhaps rocking to the extreme, when it comes to divorce.

Does he let Kim go and promise to experience a peaceful co-parent? Does he fight with his teeth and nails? Is he desperately trying to win her back?

The whole world has seen evidence of all three … especially the next two … because Kanye apparently makes no attempt to hide his conflicting feelings.

Fight at Kani West

At times, Kan’s behavior was worrying – not only for his own emotional state, but also for the safety of others.

He famously announced that he bought a house from Kim because “nothing” would “keep” him from his children.

No evidence has been found that Kim has tried to keep her away from her children at any time, but it appears the conflicting schedule and paranoia may have convinced her otherwise.

Kanye West 'Easy' Video - Pete Davidson Unmasked

Infamously, Kanye created and released a stop-motion music video depicting him kidnapping Pete Davidson and burying him alive.

Flowers then grew on Pitt’s head, which Yeh then piled on a truck – the flowers he sent were not unlike the real-world truckload.

These are all worrying. What he says about an attorney is that an ethical lawyer understands that they should be able to find work elsewhere.

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