Kanye West dumps Cheney Jones amid reports that he has left with Pete Davidson

When Kim Kardashian started dating Pete Davidson, Kanye West lost his mind.

Dude was not very stable in the beginning, so the situation quickly became volatile.

Kanye hid Kim and harassed Pitt and usually made a fuss for himself with the goal … to get Kim back?

We’re not sure exactly what he was trying to do, but it clearly didn’t work out.

Kanye West in thought

Kanye Pitt-Kim was so mad in those early days of the situation that most of it got no coverage.

For example, the West has been dating Kim for the past several months to look like Kim.

Now, a lot of times when you hear a phrase like “Kim Looklike” in the media, it’s a clickbite-y exaggeration from an outlet that wants to capitalize on your curiosity.

Channy Jones image

But damn, Chaney really By Looks a lot like Kim!

It has been reported that Kanye has made a point of taking pictures with Channy in an attempt to make Kim jealous.

We’re not sure why she would be affected by this, considering she was in her own relationship at the time, but it’s best not to try to figure out how Kanye’s mind works.

Cane and sugar

However, according to a new report from TMZ, Kani and Cheney have called for it to be dropped.

It’s not clear who pulled the plug, but apparently the relationship was quite serious.

Kanye and Channy recently returned to Japan after spending a few weeks together.

Channy Jones selfie with Kanye West

Earlier this week, however, Yake was spotted at a screening Top gun With an unknown female partner.

Shortly afterwards, close sources from both Yeh and Cheney confirmed that the couple had gone their separate ways.

They began dating in February, when West broke up with Julia Fox.

Julia Fox and Kani

Now, it is possible that the two developments are not related, but much has been made that Kanye has parted ways with Cheney just as Kim and Pete seem to be increasing the parity of their relationship.

Pete retired from SNL in last month’s season finale, and rumors have been circulating that he is now spending time with Kim at Calabasas.

Not only that, Davidson was recently spotted on a shopping trip with Kim and Kanye’s son St.

Debut of Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian!

As TMZ mentioned, Pete and St. come out on their own, and the boy is holding Pete’s hand.

Now, Kim and Pete have been dating since October last year, so there’s nothing weird about Davidson taking one of the kids out to do some work.

But we’re guessing Kanye isn’t too happy with the situation.

Pit piece out

From the beginning of Kim and Pete’s relationship, Connie, a young newcomer, expressed concern about the possibility of taking on the role of father in her children’s lives.

And insiders say the rapper was even more upset when he learned that Pete had tattooed the baby’s initials on his neck.

Remember, this is the same Kani who bought the house across the street from Kim so she could keep an eye on him.

We won’t let Channy dump him so he can devote himself to stacking full time.

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