Kanye West lawyer Kim Kardashian pulls out of divorce: ‘Irresistible’

Weren’t we here, like 90 days ago ?! And now we’re back – with Connie West Forced to work now Other New divorce lawyer ??

Of course, Perezius readers will recall how, in early March, the 44-year-old rapper divorced his ex-wife with his divorce attorney just eleven hours before he went to court to divorce his ex-wife. Kim Kardashian Legal and official. At the time, the Chicago-born actor was hired Samantha Specter Going forward to represent him. But it turns out that he is out now!

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According to new legal documents obtained by Explosion On Thursday, Specter formally appealed the “withdrawal from the high-profile family law lawsuit.” In the filing, Specter cites “an unresolved breakdown in the attorney-client relationship.” He doesn’t go into detail as part of the filing, but it’s a big deal, because Specter is a high-powered (and high-value) attorney.

Now completely out of his able hand, Hurricane The rapper has taken another interesting step, as well: Outlet reports that Yay’s new point of contact for divorce needs is “a state attorney in Pennsylvania who is not a divorce attorney.”


Clearly, the Pennsylvania lawyer could be a temporary filler until the West gets new top-level representation. Yezie’s pockets are deep, and unlike one of his famous orange friends, there’s never been a hint that the rapper doesn’t pay his legal bills. So it is certainly possible (perhaps even possible?) That Specter’s place will soon be filled again by a big-name divorce attorney.

Will not Laura waterAlthough, because Kim Lock has great service!

Kim Kardashian shares Kanye West's first outfit for Savage Criticism that she styled herself after their breakup!
Kim and Kanye still have work to do to finalize their separation. / (C) Tony Fort / WENN

The SKIMS Mughal and Jesus is walking The rapper is both legally unmarried, and has been with Specter for several months now since his first appointment. However, there is still a long way to go in the divorce case, including the final settlement of the ex-couple’s finances. It’s not a small deal!

And there remains a potentially big war, as well: the provision of permanent custody. Cooperation has become a bit smoother for ex-couples recently, but having a definite plan in writing is always the best way to deal with such a difficult situation. (And with Kim and Momagar) Chris Jenner Involved, you know they understand the power of a mandatory legal document! Just talk!)

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So, it would be interesting to see where Kanye goes from here.

What do you think of her latest divorce decision, Perezius reader ?? Or, more precisely, what do you think of Specter’s apparent decision to move away from his A-list client ?!

Sound off with your acceptance of this exciting situation in the comments (below) …

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