Kanye West reshapes custody war with Kim Kardashian in new song – listen here

Here we go again …

We thought these two had found peace, but apparently not yet. Connie West He is rekindling his custody battle with his ex-wife Kim Kardashian In the form of music. On Thursday he released a new track True loveFeaturing the late rapper XXXTentacion. In the song, West reveals some of his grievances KKW Beauty The founder is raising the ex-couple’s four children – and once again laments how he can’t spend enough time with them.

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In Thursday night’s release, Yeh’s first verse begins with an apparent reference to the parenting habits of the 41-year-old reality TV star. For the first time, r Jesus is walking The artist asked when he would “see the kids” again, wrapping up:

“Wait, when will you see the children?” See you all tomorrow / wait, when will the sunset? See you tomorrow “

The Hurricane The rapper doesn’t end there either. Later in the verse, Yeh opens up about his family life and makes a mention Joaquin ‘El Chapo’ Guzman – Imprisoned former Mexican drug cartel leader who famously tunneled his freedom while in prison.

Apparently criticizing “all the ayads” involved in his and Kim’s instincts, Yezi Rap:

“And you know, all the nannies said, ‘Daddy in Nebraska’ / Let the kids dig a tunnel into my house.”

That’s great!

You can listen to the whole song (below):

All of this comes in the wake of Yay’s lawyer’s announcement on Thursday Samantha Specter Radar is moving away from being represented because he has ended the divorce case against her SKIMS Mogul

Withdrawing from representing Yee, Specter leaves before the rapper can finish his work on things like child custody and financial measures – the last major aspects of a high-profile divorce will be decided. So it’s definitely a coincidence, at least, that Yeh will release this new song at about the same time. Maybe she stopped him from releasing her? And now the adults have left the house?

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For Kim, it will be interesting to see if there is any reaction here. The Selfish The author and his new boyfriend, Pete DavidsonIn the recent past, the removal of multiple controversies has become a matter of public outrage Instagram Post Yezi notoriously buried a clemation version of it Live Saturday night Another newly released song earlier this year starred in a boring dark music video.

The drama has slowed down in recent months, with Yeo even hinting that he is working to become a better person while out of the public eye. Of course, these new songs are not publicly jaw-dropping like the completely violent image of Yeh Pitt in the previous video. Still, this new song could potentially rekindle a very tense custody situation with Kim when we all hoped things would work out towards a calm, reasonable solution.


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