Katie Maloney condemns Raquel Lewis’ claim that she and Tom Schwartz forcibly VPR

Katie Maloney No one will stand anywhere to make drama!

As Vanderpump rules Fans know that the 35-year-old reality star has filed for divorce from her husband Tom Schwartz March 22, just a week after the announcement of their separation Instagram. Surprisingly, many are wondering how the breakup will affect the ex-couple’s relationship with their customers. And accordingly Raquel Lewis, Some cast already feel like they’re stuck in the middle of Katie and Tom’s problem! He said Page six In an interview:

“I feel like Tom and Katie, they hope [people to pick] The party, unfortunately. It was [changed the dynamic]Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either.

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Alas !!!

Although the 27-year-old queen of the contest did not elaborate on whether half of the ex-couple was forcing everyone to choose a party, she made it clear that she did not feel particularly that way – but was a cast member. Really Coping with Tom and Katie’s stress:

“Personally, I don’t get that idea, but Sheyana [Shay] So you should ask him. “

Oops! The way to throw your fellow cast member under the bus!

However, Katie decides to set a record and let everyone know that this is not true! In response to an Instagram post about the interview, the podcast host commented:

“We literally told them there was no choice. I feel like some people have done it on their own, for whatever reason Tom and I are still friends. “

Wonder who it might be ?! You can check the comment ch-ch (below):

Katie Maloney condemns Raquel Lewis' claim that she and Tom Schwartz forced the VPR cast to choose between divorce!
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Now that Bravo The popular reality series for season 10 has been renewed, no doubt Katie and Tom’s divorce will become a hot topic among the cast members! Lisa Vanderpump It was even teased in the same interview with Raquel that viewers will see some “tough moments” between the pair in the upcoming season:

“The thing with this cast is, they are emotionally very open. Maybe it’s because they grew up with cameras, you know? It’s been 10 years. They are very comfortable sharing their lives. I think it makes for interesting television. It’s a human journey, and it’s a journey that has to do with a lot of people. “

That’s true! It will definitely make for a more inneresting season!

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