Kendall Jenner and Scott Disk are in an explosive battle with the Kardashians!

Tension in Scott Disc And the Kardashian-Jenner family takes an explosive turn during the latest episode Kardashians – Lead charge with an unexpected sister!

Over the past few weeks, fans have noticed that things between Scott and the famous Fame are getting more and more awkward because of the baby’s mother. Courtney KardashianRelationship with Travis Barker. Although Lord Disk has been close to the group for decades now, he has begun to feel some remnants of family events and has even encountered a few of them about it in the new episode. And let’s just say it didn’t work out – especially with it Kendall Jenner!

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After throwing some not-so-subtle shadows Chris Jenner As to whether or not she would be invited to the Thanksgiving dinner, she decided to ask the 26-year-old model not to attend her birthday party. At first he was distracted and told Scott at the moment:

“I didn’t really invite anyone to my birthday. It was empty. “

But Scott didn’t buy it, again arguing that “everyone has come.” Kendall noted that neither Chris nor Courtney joined the party, Incompetent The founder made it clear that he was talking about his intimate birthday dinner, not his bash at the club. Realizing his mistake, he commented:

“Literally, only Courtney and Travis came. It was not a party. “

Ah, did you catch the word magic there? Yes, he mentioned Travis.

It’s pretty clear why Scott thought he was being dropped. He will not let it go in his confessional statement to the camera:

“Never in a million years will Kendall invite me to a birthday party.”

Although Chris insisted it was not a “birthday dinner”, Kendall soon admitted that the reunion Was To celebrate his birthday. That’s when things started to get really hot. Scott then asked directly:

“Then why was I not invited?”

As Kendall explained, the dinner party was just with his friends – plus Chris, Court and Travis. However, that explanation was still not good enough for Scott:

“You invited everyone except me?”

It was That’s right Everyone! Kendall answers:

“Just because the court was going to stay there. It was very close. “

When Scott insists on dropping out, the reality star shuts down! He fired back:

“It simply came to our notice then. Making Courtney uncomfortable, for example, is not part of my business. I’m so sorry it makes you sorry and I’m not trying to leave you. At the end of the day Courtney is my sister. Of course I want him there. This dinner was literally 15 people. If it’s an intimate dinner and I don’t want an uncomfortable situation to happen- “

Yes! Good for Kendall! For example, seriously, when will Scott realize that being a Courtney and should always be their priority ?? Demanding equal treatment is not only ridiculous, it is offensive!

Apparently frustrated, Scott interrupted Kendall and said:

“I don’t know what you’re angry about.”

To which Kendall says:

“You’re crazy. And I’m sorry.”

When Scott said he hadn’t heard Kendall say “sorry to you”, he was completely upset in the conversation:

“It simply came to our notice then. You won’t let me talk, Scott. “

And he storms away! Damn it! So it’s safe to say that things didn’t end well on a note, and it seems we’ll have to wait and see if the two match up when a new episode is released next week!

It will be interesting to see how this dynamic continues throughout the season! While we understand how difficult this situation must be for Scott, this kind of heated argument with Kendall at the birthday party was really unnecessary and startling – especially after his defense on the show.

But what do you think, Perezcious reader? Was it okay for Scott to be upset at not being invited to the party? Or can he be an adult and realize that if he is going to cause disgust with his ex, he should move on? Let us know in the comments below)!

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