Kendall Jenner Big Sis Kim Kardashian responds to her March 2022 swipe in Vogue

Kendall Jenner A super model. So let’s get started.

A few months ago, the 26-year-old Catwalker was drafted for the March 2022 American Cover EnjoyThanks for the latest episode we’re learning now Kardashians On Hulu. But something big has happened – Kendall’s older sister Kim Kardashian! And the fashion brand took the big star to grab the cover, replacing Kenny in a quick moment!

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Viewers watched the awkward moment diminish during Thursday’s newly-released episode on the streaming app. When it all started Kylie JennerHer sister learns that she was chosen to cover Mag’s March issue. Momager Chris Jenner Reveals the first good news about Kenny, explains to Kim (below):

“American last week Enjoy Tried a fantastic, amazing cover with Kendall and while they were shooting, they called me from the set and said, ‘Anyway, they want to offer Kendall a March issue cover.’ I was so excited. “

Great !!

But Chris had a reason to say this SKIMS Mogul: Because Kim himself actually got what they wanted!

As Corey GambleAs its partner Kim explained, Mag reconsidered their question and instead asked the mother of four:

“I received a call this morning from Kendall’s agent, and he said, ‘Good news, bad news… I’m not sure Kendall is going to be right for this cover.’ [But] They asked Kim to cover it. “

Oh not that great! Well, that’s great for Kim. And great for families, keeping things in their circles. But not great for Kendall, who was initially elected!

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TFW you replaced by Kim! / (C) NBC / YouTube

Shocked by the revelation, Selfish The author describes his reaction to the emotional roller coaster ride in a confession:

“I’m so excited that I’m going to be the cover Enjoy. I don’t care how many times you can stay on the cover, it will never get old. This one just seems extra special to me. I am honored to be a part of it. “

And KKW Beauty Biz Whois says that almost all of us would say the next thing in that situation:

“I feel bad. It’s bitter sweet. I’m not saying [Kendall]! … I would probably kill Kendall myself to get the cover, if it were a choice between the two of us. My frustration during the day is that he was buried before he got the cover. “

Damn it!

As such, we understand that it is a cutthroat biz and you must work to get to the top. But damn it! That’s a lot to say!

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In the next episode, Chris prepares himself to have an awkward call with Kendall to release the new one Enjoy Asked but luckily for Momagar (and Kim), the cucumber cutting amateur already knew about the replacement! And he was right with that ?!

In a confessional interview, Kendall explained his thought process:

“Chris, my agent, called me and I am happy for my sister and she should be really happy and I don’t have a broken bone in my body because I think it went to the right person. Don’t get me wrong, I would have been extremely honored and excited to get it Enjoy Cover, that would be great, but I’m fine, that’s fine. “

Reassured that his daughter was handling the rejection so well, Chris told Kenny he “didn’t want to hurt your feelings.”

To this, Kendall admirably added:

“I am not traveling. I am happy to hand it over to my sister. I am happy for my sister, and she should be really happy. I don’t have any bones in my body, because I think it went to the right person. I’m glad to give it to my sister. “

That’s too big!

BTW, March Enjoy The issue covers fashion mag for Kim’s third time; She praised Newsstand in April 2014 (with her then husband) Connie West), And again in May 2019 for its first single cover.

For Kenny, he landed the American cover spot in September 2016 and has worked as a cover for worldwide high-end mag for years. Enjoy Spain, Enjoy Brazil, Enjoy Hong Kong, And others. So it is not that these two women are not very successful! Alas, Kendall probably knew how to cut a cucumber, he would have been chosen this time … Ha !!

Still, what do you think of Kendall’s reaction here, Perezius reader ?? Would you be okay with such a visible replacement ?! Sound off (below) with your take down in the comments.

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