Kendall Jenner denounces Scott Dixick for ‘victimizing’ and ‘villainizing’ himself

Kendall Jenner That was enough Scott DiscIts manipulation bull s ** t!

Of course, last week, we reported an explosive fight between a 38-year-old model and a 26-year-old model. Incompetent Later the founder Hulu In one episode, the camera captures them in a knock-down, drag-out interaction Kardashians. And now, in this Thursday’s new episode of the streaming show, Kenny and Lord Disk are following along with much more !!

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The Hulu cameras picked up this week exactly where last week’s episode was off, after their heated argument about the disc leaving Kendall Scott’s departure table seems to have left him now out of the family. Courtney Kardashian With her new partner (and now officially her husband!) Travis Barker.

After Kenny left, in the latest AP, Scott tried to manipulate Momegar Chris Jenner With the story of her crying:

“I shouldn’t be part of this family anymore, I’d rather be a part of it.”

But Chris didn’t play that game, and instead tried to calm his nerves by reacting:

“Kendall is stuck in the middle so it’s not fair to do with him. He feels terrible… you can’t do or feel what anyone wants you to do. It’s just getting better and better. “

This is certainly an optimistic attitude. We hope this happens!

In a later confession, Chris added:

“I don’t like it when someone argues, especially my kids, and Scott has to hold his emotions right now and not be so upset.”

For Kendall, he chose to drive straight to Courtney’s house to decompress after the argument. Once there, he found out Push Founder and his sister, Khalo KardashianWaiting for her to chat.

Kenny quickly explained to his older sisters:

“Like Scott, ‘What’s going on for Thanksgiving? Obviously, I’m not invited,’ and immediately it’s counterproductive. He’s talking through me the whole time, and I think, ‘I don’t.’ I was in a toxic enough relationship, I can’t take it anymore. I’m off. So I get up and I think, ‘I’m out of here.’ At the end of the day, it’s not really my place, it’s about the two of them. “

In her own confession about the dramatic interaction, the supermodel added:

“He was hunting himself, he was villaining everyone else, including me, for whom I had no ill intentions, and I loved him and always wanted him around so it alerted me.”


Scott’s 43-year-old ex waited patiently for Kendall, but it’s clear he’s not feeling it. In a confession after the incident, the court acknowledged that it no longer wanted to deal with the disc drama:

“I do not know. My head is on a different planet and I feel like I’m living a different life. I’m unsubscribing from this drama. “

But when Courtney was completely content to move away from it, Kholo seemed to know exactly what was happening.

37 years old Revenge Body The host insisted to the court that he had to face Scott in order to deal with the family rift in the building:

“I told you this week! We think you have to talk to Scott and set some real boundaries because everyone else is in the middle. I think you should say, ‘Hey, go ahead, stop talking to my family about things. You ask me if I feel comfortable, stop putting everyone else in the middle. ‘ Done. You’re supposed to be the boss here. “

Khloé adds more insight into the manipulative process of trying all of this:

“She is OK [Kourtney]Because he knows he can’t get out of it. So he’s going [Kendall], Minimally combative, but it is so anxious that he will hunt you down. It’s really f ** king rude. “

That’s insightful. Khalo-taka intellect comes again in inter-personal family matters!

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Finally, and fortunately, at the end of the episode, Kendall and Scott get together to correct their errors (both of them are pictured sitting in the screenshots above).

Scott admits he opened it:

“I think it could be, maybe, since we got to know each other, you could be our first argument at 7 years old.”

And Kendall responded warmly:

“I have always been and always will be your supporter. There is obviously a level of respect for everyone involved in this situation, but it is such a new thing and I was trying to apologize to you at that moment because it was raw. I should have thought better of it. “

To his credit, Scott said he “understands” where Kendall is coming to protect his family – and doesn’t want to be in the middle of Lord Disk’s exciting interaction with his former partner and mother of the baby.

Kendall then explained why he felt the same way, saying things could be “managed differently” and added:

“You immediately attacked me and took me back to me and I think, ‘Oh, I don’t like it.’ Immediately, I stopped, immediately I tried to protect myself, protect the situation and then it was riled. We love you and I don’t want any drama or weird thing to happen. “

In a confessional clip about makeup, Scott agrees:

“For me, with Kendall, it felt awful that we came to a place where we couldn’t even talk to each other in general to even understand what was happening and it brought anger.”

In the end, Kendall waited hopefully in his own confessional convoy to cap the difficult interaction.

Kylie JennerIts older sister admits that things are going to work out on their own If The family works:

“It simply came to our notice then. Just a lot is changing there. I believe it will come out on its own, I think it will take some time. “

Amen! Hopefully things will be smoother and the foundation will be forever for Scott and the rest of Carzena’s fame – especially now that Courtney is legally engaged to her new man.

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