Kendall Jenner is really upset about her viral cucumber moment!

Kendall Jenner He’s not too happy about how his viral cucumber-cutting moment ended Kardashians!

Of course, Perezius readers will remember how the sexy supermodel was called online about a recent clip of Fame. Hulu Display in it, d 818 Tequila The creator ridiculously misled his path by trying to cut a cucumber in Momegar Chris JennerBefore the palace, the mother of the family took pity on the poor girl and her chef made her a snack!

There was a field day on the internet laughing at his inability to do even the simplest household chores Here’s a sample …

“Kendall Jenner is shocked to try to cut a cucumber and yet it is not surprising that they have no life skills.”

“Kendall cutting cucumbers in the latest Kardashian AP literally ‘tell me you’re rich don’t tell me you’re rich'”

“Kendall Jenner ** Trying to cut the King Cucumber is the saddest thing I’ve ever seen”

“He probably had to cut his own cucumber 3 times in his life.”

Yes, it was pretty rude.

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Now, accordingly Khalo KardashianThe 26-year-old model is still stewing on all viral Twitter Talk about rubbing salt in my wounds – d’oh!

Speaking of Kendall’s kitchen accident during his launch Not skinny but not fat This week’s podcast, Kholo explains:

“Oh, my God, he’s not happy about it. I’m sorry. “

Coco ironically adds that it feels good to see Kenny struggle so badly to do something as simple as cutting a cucumber (for him!) Revenge Body Host joked:

“I like, ‘Kendall, God is fair. You’re the most beautiful man in the world. You have wild-looking toes. God bless you. And you can’t ** cut the cucumber.” He has this perfect life, this perfect dog, he’s a man’s gazelle, he walks the runways, he’s all these wonderful things. Can’t you ** cut the royal cucumber? “


That’s such a good point! Fortunately, Khalo-Mani also hinted that he would be happy to take Kenny under his wing Knife Wing when the time is right:

‚ÄúPlease, come and stay with me for a week. She would really cry like a river, oh my god. But I will teach him how to cut cucumbers. “

Yes! If Kendall really felt this bad about his kitchen disaster, it would be a trade off he would be willing to do!

[Image via MEGA/WENN]

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