Kendall Jenner is terribly ridiculed for a catastrophic attempt to cut a cucumber!

Kendall Jenner Not going to be a professional chef soon! Or really, ever!

The 26-year-old star has been the focus of a series of cutting (pun intended!) Tweets from fans since this weekend’s episode. Kardashians Drop on Hulu. In the new episode, Kenny is seen in a scene near Momagar Chris JennerIts home. Once there, the supermodel decides she wants to make herself a snack, and it hits the fan!

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At first, Chris offers the family professional chefs to do something for him to save time – and, you know, when you’re a carpenter, you can make a good living like him. But Kendall rejects him, choosing to make his own snack instead. The only problem is, well, things don’t go so well!

Once in the kitchen, Kylie JennerHer older sister found out that she was not as well equipped for the culinary world as she had imagined! Kenny starts trying to slice some fruit, including a cucumber, insisting that he is “making it himself” and fails miserably. Chris looks respectfully as his daughter squeezes her arms in an awkward fashion and slowly, painfully, strangely, and inefficiently begins to cut into pieces.

Through this, Kendall admits that he was “not a good cutter” and that the police were “somehow scared” of the knife, which is yes. No s ** t! So, Chris does what he does – gives orders to others – and yells at the family chef, telling the employee to “cut it for him.”

You can watch a clip of the incredibly awkward and painful-looking cucumber scene Here. And with that, we send a tip of the cap to all the culinary professionals who have saved the day this way! LOLz!

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On TwitterThe audience had just thought a lot about the awkward-looking kitchen scene they had just witnessed

Check out just a few of the thousands of reactions to the Ch-ch-Kendall kitchen nightmare (below):

“Kendall cut me off a cucumber all week”

“Kendall Jenner doesn’t know how to cut a cucumber, and it’s ridiculous for me to go ahead and call Chris Chef.”

“About an hour ago, I saw Kendall Jenner on my TV screen trying to cut a cucumber. It made me feel a little better but mostly poor.”

“Kendall Jenner is shocked to try to cut a cucumber and yet it is not surprising that they have no life skills.”

“Not even a genius can cut a cucumber!”

“Kendall cutting cucumbers in the latest Kardashian AP literally ‘tell me you’re rich don’t tell me you’re rich'”

“Kendall Jenner ** Trying to cut the King Cucumber is the saddest thing I’ve ever seen”

“He probably had to cut his own cucumber 3 times in his life.”


Feedback, fan reader ?? Maybe watching the clip will help:

Sound off (below) with your take down in the comments.

[Image via Hulu/YouTube]

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